Behind that is still another hall with a couple draugr in it- and a locked door.  Behind door number one is a wonderful little bar of metal- but be careful you grab it while standing off to the side so that you don’t get flamethrowered by the light source overhead.  With that and the draugr dealt with, you can continue down the hall- to the final two rooms.  For some reason, these form their own subregion of the barrow- Shroud Hearth Depths- despite being very tiny.

Once you’ve entered the last region of the dungeon, stand and wait for a few seconds so that the skeletons have time to start busting out of their coffins.  These are basic skeletons and really shouldn’t give you any trouble.  Once those are dead, kill the next set of two skeletons, then you have to face two pairs of very durable draugr.  Each of these pairs includes one two-handed weapon wielder who dishes out heavy injury, and one one-hand one-caster who piles cold damage into you and, if stopped, poisons you with Frost weakness.  Then you’re toe-to-toe with another draugr overlord- wielding a frost damage greatsword.  Like the first one, this one knows how to use the Fus Thu’um, but unlke that time, you now have the same Thu’um and probably a friend along as well- so he’s actually a bit easier to deal with than the two pair of regular draugr.  Just don’t get into a swordfight with him if any of the casting draugr clocked you with their axe or sword- really, don’t get into a swordfight with him period, if you can help it.  Those greatswords hurt like mad.

The second of these is barely its own room- just a little platform leading to a bridge.  On this platform is a chest sitting on a pressure plate, surrounded by a coinpurse, a mace, and a shield.  Loot the chest and coinpurse from a distance so you don’t get hit by the rain of darts that attacks the chest (someone really didn’t like that chest, man) and then head across the bridge and through the last door- to the most important room here.

Crossing the bridge brings you to the wall of words, where you get Kyne- and there’s a little ledge off to the side that you need a Thu’um from the Greybeards to reach, but there’s just a sword and some money there.  Heading onwards, you’re brought through a series of hallways- right back to Wyndelius’ study.  From there it’s a very short jaunt back out, and now you have a Word, several more points of Lockpicking, and a nice hefty chunk of gold and salable gear.