Guild Wars 2 – Called to Service

head on over to the Pale Tree when you are ready to begin this mission. You need to head down to the lower levels of the tree to begin. You can either just jump on down or take the nearby elevator.  Just head over to your home to find Caithe and leader of your cycle. You three will discuss your dream and you will get confirmation that the White Stag does exist and is in some form of peril. The catch is no one really knows where it is time. This means you need to head back into the Verdence and find 3 sets of tracks.

Fast Travel to the Southernmost point of the Caledon Forest. Head North along the main path to just after where it breaks hard to the East. Along the Eastern side of the road you will find a the first of the quest markers. Here you will find the first of the 3 sets of tracks that you need to find.

To find the second set of tracks head over to the East a little. When a path breaks off to the South, follow it. Now turn to the East toward the Sylvan Hound Kennel. Just above that you will find the second set of hoof prints. One more to go.

Head back to the North. Just a little to the West of one the quest markers you will find the final set of tracks that will let you find the White Stag itself. Just continue to the North to find the White Stag instance itself. Head into the instance, “Prayer of Protection.”

Once inside the instance start going to the North. As you do, you will start encountering Risen Thrulls (level 3). The first one is a solo. After that you have a pair of Risen Thrulls.  When you hear someone call to you from the left, turn and look to find a green plant. Grab it as it will be very helpful here. Head a little more North. You will find yourself looking at a pair of Thrulls. Draw their attention and 2 more will join them. Throw the bulb in between them and it will cause a nice amount of distraction. Tear into the group as best you can. Just as soon as that group goes down, it is revealed that there is just one more waiting around the corner for you. Kill them and continue to the North.

When you hit the pond you will; have another trio of Risen Thrulls to deal wioth. Kill them and start to the West. As you try to approach the person calling for help, another trio of Risen Thrulls will appear and attack you. Defeat them and head into the hollow in front of you.

There you will find someone in need of aid. As you arrive a wave of undead will come charging at them. At first it is just 3 Risen. After that is another 2 Risen. When they go down you can approach and talk with Gavin. Just as he goes to get up another Risen Thrull of the stronger variety shows up and attacks you. Kill him and a cinematic runs:

Hero: “Be at ease. You're safe now. Are you wounded?”
Gavin: “I am – but I can't let it hinder me. I'm looking for the White Stag. If I let it escape, the consequences will be … dire.”
Hero: “Then we have something common. I'm also looking for the stag. Have you seen it?”
Gavin: “It was here, but it fled to the eastern woods before I could catch it – and then the undead arrived. You have done me a good turn, and you seem strong and swift. If we hunt together, we might have more luck.”
Hero: “I'd be glad to work with you. Let's begin our hunt at once.”

That is everything you needed to do here. Head on out to the South. There are 3 undead waiting for at the slope you took down to the pool. After you turn to the right and head more to the South proper you will find another trio of Risen waiting for you. As you approach the exit of the cave one more pair of Risen will appear and attack you. A final cutscene will ensue with Gavin's wounds getting the better of him. He will tell you where to meet him  after he has been healing.