Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 54 – Phariseer, Part 1

Head out from the Eternal Throne and descend the steps toward the Gilded Arena to the North. Head into the entryway that leads to the Gilded Arena but this time just head all the way down the spiraling stairwell instead of just going through the first door. At  the bottom of the stairs head through the door to the South and into the chamber beyond. Once inside this chamber head over to the Southern wall and pull the lever to the right of the door. It will unlock the door leading to the Western portion of Leviathan's Gorge.

Head through the door into Leviathan's Gorge. There you need to hang to the Western side of the cliff. You will notice the ruins of a statue with thorny roots growing on it. Head over to it and walk along the edge of the cliff. There you will find another Relic of Renagoth. Collect it then head over to the East and through the door there to the main portion of Leviathan's Gorge. It is good to complete this if only for the map marking for easier fast travel in the future. After that, call up the map and Fast Travel to the Southern Point of the Breach.

Head South from there across the first bridge and keep going to the South. Once across turn to the West immediately. There you will need to fight through some Skeletons and Skeletal Warriors. Beat them and head into the building. Follow the path to the North and East to find another Boatman's Coin.

Head back into the building and go to its Southwestern Wall. There you will find a post in the wall you can use to climb up. Start upwards and get to the handhold. Go to the right then climb up onto the vines there. Climb them up, along the ceiling and then up again. Wall Run from the top of them to the post and the handhold beyond. Once on the handhold turn to the left and climb along them. Wall run to the left from there and head around to the Eastern side of the balcony you are on. In the alcove just before the next wall post you will find a Soul Arbiter's Sacred Scroll. Now head up the post to the hand hold above. Go over to the right and climb up onto the roof of this building. Approach the statue with the lantern there and turn it to face to the North. This will clear the path to the statue at the top of the Breach which will allow you to send a beam back toward this structure and clear the way to some chests on this building.

Getting to the statue in the breach only takes a few minutes. Simply head through the Southern entrance of the Breach and in the first room you emerge in head over to the left and scale up the wall. You will find yourself on the roof of the breach before too long. Now spin the statue up there to face to the South. This will open up the gates around the chest on the other ruined building. Now Head over to the East and around the corner. There you will find a chest that you can claim before heading back to the other building. Be sure to also turn to the Northwest corner of where this chest in. Above you is a stonebite you can claim: A Stone of Resistance. Climb back up the other building and open the pair chests that were behind bars at the top. Now head around to the other side and pull the switch in the first alcove on the Eastern side. This will lower the gate behind the statue at the top of this building and allow you to get at the nice chest behind it. Claim that then it is time to head to the Northern portion of The Maw. Here you will find the entrance to Sentinel's Gaze.

To the left of the entrance of the tomb you will find a Boatman's Coin. Head down to the sub-terrain tomb after claiming it. Once inside head down to the pillar, slide to the bottom of it and Wall Run to the left. Claim the chest then head back to the pillar. Climb up it and Wall Run to the right. Head across the bridge and turn to the left and head to the North. Smash through the numerous skeletons in your way. In the Northeastern corner you will find a Boatman's Coin you can claim. Backtrack to the South a little and you will find a spot you can climb up. Ascend to the top of this lookout and grab a Shadowbomb from the growth there. Drop down from the lookout and turn around. Throw the Shadow bomb at the Corruption Crystals there to reveal a chest and some weapon racks around it that you can smash for gear. That's everything in here for now. Head back out to The Maw and head over to the Southern portion of it

Pause outside the Southern Exit of The Maw and look up. The first window to the left has a Stonebite inside for you to claim: A Stone of Mystics. Nothing more can be done without completing some parts of the main quest. Head over to the East and into Phariseer's Tomb.