Guild Wars 2 – Where Life Goes

head over to the Dreamer's Terrace. There you will find the entrance into your character's house and the start of this instance. While there you will meet Caithe's Brother, Trahearne. As you head over to them you will see a messenger run by you. While many are standing and walking, none are running.

Caithe: Greetings, valiant. I want you to meet Trahearne, another of the Sylvari firstborn. Only a few firstborn were called on Wyld Hunts, I have the calling. So does Trahearne. I believe he carries the heaviest burden of us all though.
Hero: More difficult than fighting an Elder Dragon?
Caithe: Our task is tangible, if dangerous. His is ephemeral. There may be no solution
Trahearne: I'm glad to meet you, but I'm afraid we have no time for proper welcomes. There is a more immediate matter at hand.
Caithe: Just before you arrived, a messenger brought news of three attacks by the Nightmare Court. I can aid one, Trahearne another …
Hero: I'll take the third. Where do you need me to go?
Caithe: They're besieging the Warden Outpost at Falias Throp. Makeyour way there as quickly as possible, Valiant, and lend a hand.
Trahearne: Before you go, a warning. On my way to the Grove, I heard a rumor that the Nightmare Court is seeking something called the “harbinger.” They are determined to find it, whatever it may be – and based on that alone, we must stop them.
Hero: Understood. I'll head for Falias Thorp right away.

With that completed, exit this instance. It is time for some quick Map Travel: Head to the Northern most waypoint you have. If possible, try to use the Caledon Haven Waypoint in Trader's Green. It is the closest one to your destination. After that the “Town of Cathal” or “Mabon” Waypoints will do. For Mabon it means heading North for longer and from Town of Cathal, it is a trek to the East and North. Either way it will lead to the entrance of the next instance that you need to go.

Head forward, inside the instance, to reach the first marker. There you will find a Mysterious Stranger fighting 2 Nightmare Courtiers. Defeat them and you will be able to talk to this strange Sylvari.

Malyck: Who are you? Another of these murderers?
Hero: Calm down, I'm a friend. Who are you, and what's going on?
Malyck: My name is Malyck. The Wardens took me in. They found me, injured, in the forest. I was here when the outpost was attacked. The Wardens said these creatures are called the “Nightmare Court.” They've set fire to the camp, and cut down everything in their path. We're outnumbered, besieged, and most of the guard has been injured. I'm all that's left of the defense.
Hero: Let me fight with you, Malyck. I know the Nightmare Court, and I'd be flad to raise arms against them.
Malyck: I'll have to trust you – I've no other choice. But I warn you, the Wardens are under my protection, and I will let no harm fall on them. Help me drive back these villains, quickly. We must put out the fires before the spread to the forest.

After that talk just head to the North. There you will find a trio of Nightmare Courtiers blocking your way into the camp. Defeat them then turn your attention to the downed Warden. Revive them then grab the nearby bucket. Now walk into the fire, at its very edge and pour the water on it. This will extingiush it.

Turn to the East to find the next fire and unconscious Warden. Again there are 3 Nightmare Courtiers to start this fight. After those go down though another few will join the fray, with a Nightmare Hound and Spider to tow as well. After that put revive the nearby Warden and put out the fire. There is one more to go here.

Finally, turn to the north. There you will find another trio from the Nightmare Court with the usual unconscious Warden and a building on fire. Take care of them then things start to heat up. You will be dealing with 3 waves of Nightmare Courtiers. They get progressively harder. The final one has a Veteran Nightmare Courtier who generally fights with a bow and arrow. Just keep him immobilized, move around and blast him away.

After the fight approach and talk with Malyck. He reveals that the Nightmare Courtiers were after him for whatever reason. He had never met them before and will say where they were heading: Joy's End.