Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 48 – The Toll of Kings, Part 1

Head North from the Eternal Throne and head forward. Once you enter the hallway look to the right to find a growth of vines that Death can use to get around the pit in front of him. Climb them up to the ceiling then head North to the door using the vines. On the other side just head down the stairs. Pause where the Leviathans fight to find Ostegoth again. He has new items. Now head to the Northwestern corner of this area. There you will find a page from the Book of the Dead. Once you have what you need, head through the door to the North to begin your journey into the Gilded Arena.

The Gilded Arena
Head through both of the entry doors. Once you find the staircase look to the right. There you will find a statue with a Stonebite on it. Shoot it to claim another Stone of Mystics. Go down the stairs and through the first door that you find. If you continue on the stairs down you will find yourself back in Leviathan's Gorge, not where you want to be at present.

In the center of the first room is an odd statue emitting a beam of energy, a Lantern. Move over to it and grab one of the handles and rotate it so the beam strikes the gem above the door to the North. This will raise the gate that had blocked your passage previously. Head on through the door to the corridor beyond.

In here you need to pull off a Deathgrip Wall Run to move forward. First though drop into the pit in front of you. At the bottom of it you will find a pair of chests. One is in the North and the other is in the South. Collect them then head to the middle of the pit. On the Eastern side you will a patch of vines that Death can use to climb up and out of the pit and make it back to the starting door. Just cross the pit after that and go through the door at the northern end of the room. This leads to the Arena itself.

In the arena the statues explain what the situation is. That 3 animus stones must be placing in an altar to the champion to draw him forth. Head to the right, it is time for some collecting of loot before starting into the dungeon proper. Climb the wall at the first opportunity then turn Right again. Head around the corner then climb up the second wall. Now turn to the left and climb up the next portion of wall. Turn left again and use Deathgrip to get across the gap. Jump North from the beam and continue that way to the break in the platform. Wall Run against the right-hand wall to make it over the break and to the Relic there: a Relic of Renagoth.

Drop down 2 levels from the ledge with the relic. Turn to the North and move along until you find another Hand Hold. Climb up it to find a chest directly in front of you. Claim its contents then it is time to explore the side passages of the lowest level. Drop down another 2 levels and begin going into the side corridors. This is a great way to restock on gilt after finding Draven. Work around to the Southwestern corner where you will find passage up to the second balcony. Head just a little West of it to find a hand hold to reach the third balcony and to the left, a chest. Drop back down and then head to the North. There you will find the final chest for this area. Time to start for the first animus stone now.