38 – The Lost Tower

This is an optional area of Platinum, but the rewards are good enough it would be recommended to complete this short little side jaunt. The Lost Tower is located just South of Solaceon, making it an ideal place, especially now that you have HM 05, Defog.

Floor 1
Just inside, you will see a fog blanketing the room, tombstones and a girl by the tombstone in the center. There is another by the base of the stairs leading up to the next floor. The first tells you how this is the resting place for the departed. The second tells you that you need the ability to use Defog to progress further.

Floor 2
You will see a trainer and an item ball just below you to the left. You can just keep walking down and skip him if you want though. This trainer is Youngster Oliver, who has a Mothim lvl. 20, Baroboach lvl. 19 and Chatot lvl. 21. Just opposite him is the Item Ball, which has an Oval Stone inside it. Just head to the left then head up the next set of stairs

Floor 3
Here is where the fog really kicks in. You will just be able to see your character, who your accuracy in battle will be terrible while the fog is there. Now is when you would want to use Defog. Head down and to the left, you will see a man, who will approach you to challenge you. He is Roughneck Kirby with his Cleffa lvl. 23. go just a bit beyond him to the left to grab the Item Ball as it has a Revive inside it. Head on up from there from just above Kirby to reach the next trainer, Pokefan Leonard. He will challenge you with his  two Pichus at lvl. 19 and Pikachu lvl. 22. Head up the stairs that are just above him.

Floor 4
This floor offers quite a few trainers so be sure to use Defog as soon as possible. To start, head downwards. You will find a single trainer and a double trainer battle. The single battale is with Pokefan Rebekah who will send out a Bonsly lvl. 23, which has a Sitrus Berry. Just below her you will find Bella and Pa Beth and Bob. They will send out 2 Ponytas lvl. 23. head to the left and grab the item ball which has TM 27, Return, inside it. Next, you can either go up the stairs, reaching the fifth floor or you can take on the last pair of trainers on this floor. Those trainers are Young Couple Mike and Nat. They will send out Misdreavus and Murkrow, both lvl. 23.

Floor 5
Even in the Fog, you can see the two women in the center of the room. Talk to them and they will ask you to use Defog to clear it away from the Tower. Once you do, they will be grateful when you talk to them next. One will give you the Spell Tag, a hold item that will boost the power of Ghost attacks, and the other will give you a Cleanse Tag. The Cleanse Tag will reduce the number of wild Pokemon encounter you will have when held by your Lead Pokemon. Once again, you can either just an Escape Rope and get out quickly or walk out.

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