Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 39 – Sidequests, Part 7

Find and Kill Bheithir
Suggested Level: 15 – 20

With everything dealt with around the Guardian it is time to take care of some of the creatures that Thane has deemed must be killed.  If you are low on potions head back to Tri-Stone and be sure to restock. It is also recommended that you max out your Resistance instead of Armor because of the heavy use of fire in the coming fight. Head back to the Nook. This is not going to take too long to get to.

Head into the Nook and go over to the East. Follow the passage North but turn to the Southeast as soon as you can. Head straight down the stairs, wall running to make it to the basement. Follow the ledge until you find the rings suspended from the ceiling. Swing from the first with Deathgrip, which must be equipped, to make to the first platform. Collect the Boatman's Coin there then use Deathgrip to get to the central island in the Nook's Basement. It will be time to fight Bheithir.

This Phoenix does not fight very fair. It loves to open with a massive wash of fire that will cover the entire narrow arena. The best thing to do here is to duck off to one of the ledges available to Death. Do this every time you hear Bheithir take a deep breath. It is depressingly easy to overstep the point where Death will grab the ledge instead of falling into the lava below.

Bheithir only has a few other attacks though and be grateful for that. Bheithir will also either charge you (especially after releasing her Flame Wave attack) or rise up then slam into the ground. The slam attack is only devastating up close as it breaks up very quickly. She will either take swipes with her claws, which can avoided by getting behind it or attack with her tail. The claw attacks and the slam attack can hit Death even if he is hanging over the ledge.

The biggest problem with Bheithir is very she is very flightly. After an attack or two she will take off again and fly around the central pillar. Still, she will remain on the platform for a good stretch sometimes. The less time Death hangs off the sides of the platform the longer Bheithir will stay. This also applies to just getting knocked off the platform by Bheithir. Expect that to happen quite a few times.

With all the problems listed it is time to look into how to actually fight Bheithir. The Phoenix is a good challenge and can be killed a few levels before the recommended. The most predictable part of the fight is that Bheithir will always land on the Southern end of the platform. Bheithir will land using the Slam attack then follow it with its Flame Wave attack. Duck off the side and wait for it to charge by. If there is no trace of the Flame Wave then climb up and attack it. When she attacks with her swipe attacks using Teleport Slash is a great way to avoid the attack itself and pull in some health as well.

Victory will let you claim Bheithir's Talons. Head back to Tri-Stone to claim the reward for taking down the Phoenix.