After contacting Ming about your success in the basketball courts downtown, you will be contacted with a second lead on the drug dealer Popstar, leading to a mission entitled "Popstar Lead 2." Your objective? Sijmply. Take down Popstar's supplier. As usual, things won't be quite that simple in practice, though. Jack a vehicle and activate the mission on your HUD. Follow your map from wherever you currently are to the starting point of the mission, which will be in a park downtown. When you reach the area, you will receive a text instructing you to hack the security camera in the park. Simple enough, right? Well, yes, except for the gang of thugs hanging out behind the soda machine next to the camera controls. You will have to deal with them first.

Approach the thugs in the park. Attempting to hack the camera before engaging them will only cause them to attack, so you had might as well get the jump on them. You can eliminate one of the thugs instantly by tossing him into the dumpster near the camera controls, and take out another one easily enough by slamming him into the soda machine. The rest should be a piece of cake to take out. Now approach the camera terminal (if you need help finding it, it's located on the far right-hand corner of the building next to the dumpster) and engage the machine.

Hacking Puzzle

Hacking in Sleeping Dogs is a fairly simple number guessing game. You will have four slots to fill with one number each, like a combination lock. You cannot repeat any numbers. If you guess correctly, the number will turn green and lock into place. If you guess a number that is in the sequence, but is not in the right slot, it will glow yellow. Finally, if you guess a completely invalid digit, one that isn't anywhere in the sequence, the number will turn red. You will have several tries to get it right; if your combination is anything like ours was, the answer to this hacking puzzle will be 3786. Enter this number and the camera will be all yours.

With the camera under control, Inspector Teng will send you another text telling you to head back to your apartment and use the surveallance system in your room. Hop back into your vehicle and put the pedal to the metal all the way back to your apartment. Get out and run up the stairs, and into the brown door at the far end of the hallway. Approach the television on the desk to the right and select North Point from the map. For now, you should only have one camera location freed up, so select that one. You will now see the action from the camera's point of view. You will spot a man walking around the park with a suitcase. Target him with your reticule and hit the A button to initiate an arrest. You should now see cops charging the scene and arresting the culprit, putting you and Inspector Teng one step ahead of Hong Kong's most notorious drug dealers.

With the suspect apprehended, call Teng again to wrap up this case. You will receive a set of additional objectives; Popstar and his crew are far from off the streets just yet. For now, though, you will complete the current mission and gain Cop experience points. These experience points should be enough to send you over the edge to the next level, so be sure to pop into the character stats screen by hitting the Back button and choose an upgrade for Wei. For now, you can choose between using a Slim Jim to jack cars faster or getting a fast-disarm ability, allowing Wei to disarm armed enemies without a struggle. For our money, we recommend going for the Slim Jim upgrade first, as it will be a while before you encounter too many enemies armed with anything more than clubs or pipes. The fast disarm move really comes in handy when facing off against enemies with guns, as you can steal their weapons and then wipe up the rest of the bad guys using the gun with relatively little trouble. The Slim Jim, on the other hand, will be useful for the entire remainder of the game; it's always helpful to be able to jack a car quickly and without setting off the alarm.

When you have finished making your upgrades, hang up the phone and leave your apartment. You will now have access to the next mission, in which you will attempt to bust Popstar for good, and another gang-related mission, too. Whichever you choose to complete first is completely up to you and doesn't affect things in the long run.