Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 6 – The Fire of the Mountain, Part 2

Head through the gate and into the corridor beyond it. Turn West then North to make it into the room with the deep pool. There are a few ways through this room and a hidden collectible as well in the depths of the water below.

For those inclined to stay dry for now:
Head forward and turn to the East, climbing the nearby wall to the small path above. Follow it to the North and drop down. Head to the Northwest from there and go through the corridor to the North from there. There is more yet to do in this place though.

With that path covered, it is time to make a dive into the pool below. Once in the water dive down below to find the first of the Boatman's Coins. This can be traded to Vulgrim, a merchant, for unique items a little later in the game. Now head over to the Western Wall and Wall Run up it to the post. Death will use it to launch himself higher. From there just keep climbing up to reach the ledge above. Now go over to the middle of the Southern wall and Wall Run up that one as well. Continue to the South to find Death back at the entrance to Tri-Stone. It is very good knowing the ways to get around.

Take the proper, dry, course to the North and find an open field. Once Death is in the field itself he can call upon Despair to aid his travels and vastly augment his speed. Death has now reach Stonefather's Vale.

Stonefather's Vale
Before Death makes forward progress there are 2 things to collect. First head over to the Western Gate. Once there turn to the South. Among the trees you will notice another Boatman's Coin. Collect it then head around the Corruption to the North. Go as far North as you can. There you will find page from the “Book of the Dead”. Grab it as they can be sold to Vulgrim in batches of 10. Be wary as once the page is collected 3 Prowlers, the low level enemy of this area, will appear and attack Death. If you take them on while mounted on Despair, Death will deal notably more damage and it will be a very quick fight. That covers all the current collectibles in this area. Make for the Southeastern corner of the Vale now. This will lead Death in the Weeping Crag.

Weeping Crag
Follow the path to the East. Once Death has crossed the shadowed bridge keep an open eye for a small path leading off to the North. It is along this path you will find the Merchant insignia and meet Vulgrim. He offers a different set of wares and for a modest fee (1,000 to start) you can respec Death's abilities. This can be very useful later when you have a number of skill points that are in weaker, less useful skills. He will also grant Death the side quest “Book of the Dead”. He will reward Death for bringing sets of 10 pages, a chapter. That would be it of note though. There is more yet to be found here but Death has yet to gain enough strength to really take advantage of it. Continue to the East, through the rest of the Crag, to reach Baneswood.