System: Nintendo
Title: Battletoads
Publisher: Trademark West
Circa: 1991

A great game, but also a very difficult one. Made to rival Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it did offer a wonderful two player experience where either you could work together or beat each other up at least a little. While it seems more common for people to call and ask for this game as a Prank, it is a game worth looking into, especially if you can find the arcade version!

Princess Angelica and Pimple are out for a cruise when they kidnapped by the Dark Queen.

The game would move between brawling stages where you would face a small horde of enemies to beat up. The other stages have you navigating various hazards. This could be sliding along the ice, dodging various obstacles on a speed bike or jumping from snake to snake to reach the top of the area.

The biggest difference between this game and games like TMNT is how the main characters finish enemies. Their fists and legs will transform either into weapons or into exaggerated proportions to take out the enemies with a literally big fist. This gives the game a slight more mature twist that TMNT lacked. Another thing is just the sheer difficulty of this game. This is not for the easily frustrated as it some times requires rote memorization to make it through some parts or just getting incredibly lucky if you have not developed the skill to handle that part of the level. It is still very fun and something of the testament of one's skill as a Gamer to be able to handle this game.

This game, for the NES, caps out at two players, but it does make the brawling stages easier. It is a great game to play with friends. One can also manipulate the game a bit too, if they know the right things.

While very simple, the game offers a decent amount of depth in terms of what you can do with the controls.

This game has been regarded quite well for its graphics on the NES. While just coming into the 90's, it had a lot of detail in its cut scenes and how the 'Toads finished enemies off. It is something of a treat, even in the modern day.

Sound Effects & Music
This part has always been a favorite of mine. Maybe because I like the faster pace of music or just the little sound they use when you hit things or take something out. A lot of it just fits so well into the world that they created for the game.

While a great game, it has fallen into harder times. I will not count people using it as a Prank as actually knowing the game.

Summary/Author’s Take
This is one of the games I will probably be able to play for years yet before I manage to finally beat it. It has a lot of challenge and has some great music and graphics for its era. This was a great introduction into the world of Battletoads and sometimes I wish I could get my hands on the Arcade version of it (decidedly M rated).

Story: 97%                Simple but pretty good
Gameplay: 91%            Great variety, very hard
Multiplayer: 97%            Co-op on the NES showing something good
Controls: 100%            Simple and easy
Graphics: 98%            Shows what the NES could actually do
SFX & Music: 85%            Rockin' with the 'Toads
Obscurity: 75%            Who's Rash?   
Overall: 94%                A game that is very worth trying to get through

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