Darksiders 2 – The Harbinger Tree, Overview

This Tree focuses on Death's raw ability to deal damage with his various combat abilities. It focuses on his Teleport Slash, Harvest and the Unstoppable ability. These moves Death becoming an unstoppable avatar of destruction. Each ability can be upgraded 3 times.

Teleport Slash
All these skills focus on upgrading the attack “Teleport Slash”. It gives Death a quick way to close ground and deliver a sweeping attack to hit multiple targets quickly. By default Death will heal some with each use of this skill. It can be focused for damage but it is very easy to also have it draw out both Health and Wrath for Death. Set up properly it becomes very easy to pull both elements from your attack and level the enemies like grain beneath your scythe.

Harvest is the anti-group ability in this tree. It focuses on Death being able to inflict a lot of damage quickly across a wider area than Teleport Slash. It in its final ability lets you draw Wrath from each enemy hit. As it offers great power across the board here it is something to consider.

Unstoppable has Death reveal his true strength or just ramp it up to 11 for a while. If you are one for really getting into the fray and splattering every surface with gallons of blood: you want this. It will help also to just make Death a bit tougher. It is also one of the few cases where it is possible for Death to start easily get in multiple hits in a single strike. It is also one of the few cases to increase both Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage. Depending on your build, that could be a big thing. Still, it is Death wading into combat and slicing foes clean through to the bone.

Level 20 Skill
Reaper Storm: Death becomes a tornado of destruction, laying waste to all those by him.
Cost: 400 Wrath.
Prerequisites – lvl. 20
Level 1: Duration: 4 seconds, Damage Per Second: 400, Blasts Damage: 1204
Level 2: Duration: 6 seconds, Damage Per Second: 600, Blasts Damage: 1606
Level 3: Duration: 8 seconds, Damage Per Second: 800, Blasts Damage: 2008