Q: What is this game even about?

A: Pokemon is about caring, growth and friendship. That's at the core of the game and laced throughout the series and its various incarnations. The story of the game is your character, and you as a player, are embarking in a very ambitious quest to document ALL the various species of Pokemon found throughout the world. You're given your first Pokemon by a Pokemon Professor, having to choose between Fire, Water and Grass, this Pokemon becomes a valuble partner who will see you through much of your adventure.

Q: This is a video game! How does it teach children or whoever about those things?

A: Easy! First off, these creatures count on their trainer, the player (you) to make the choices that help them win the battle. How do they win? The trainer has them battle Wild Pokemon to level up. Using Pokemon in battle and having them win or help some of their compatriots makes them happy. Happy Pokemon listen to you while unhappy ones do not (as well as those who're simply too strong for you to control). Secondly, the Pokemon level up as they battle, each giving the participants Experience Points. Over time, the Pokemon levels up to Level 100, the max. I can say from experience, it takes time and determination to get to Level 100 the first time, even if you've played the game before and you've done it before. Now, the last point: Friendship. This is talking about honest human interaction. Each of the games only have so many of the different species. At present, the total number of species is 493! I've been playing the game for well over a year and even with the help of my friends, I've only just hit 396 documented species! A lot of my various species, many of which I either like or use, I got not from my own game, but from my real-life friends.

Q: Some of these things evolve! What's that all about?

A: Pokemon, much like humans, grow and change. Not all of the species have multiple forms, but a good number have a bit of variety. Eevee is the most varestial incidentally with 7 different forms, each requiring very different sets of pre-requistises to be met to get the different forms. I personally don't see it as evolution, though the game calls it that. Always when my Pokemon change, it marks their progress and growth, that my own careful nurturing of them has begun to bear fruit. Always I take the time to apperciate my Pokemon going through their changes.

Q: What does this game help with?

A: Pokemon is quite similar to chess actually. It's all about manuevering and executing the right strategy at the right time. Different Pokemon attack with different attacks which pull from different statistics that they have. As well, someone would need to try to consider the statistics of the creature as well as the type of creature it is as well as the type of move that they're telling their own Pokemon to use against it. This game is as much about Trial and Error as it is luck and strategy. For an idea of the competitive side to Pokemon, please glance at the Effort Value guides written for this site. This game is also a Role-playing game. As such, it's very text heavy, so reading is essential at a level. Patience as well is required as there will be times when all one can do is simply take some time to just level up their Pokemon to attempt to claim a Gym Badge.

Q: What kind of person would like this game?

A: Anyone with the time, patience or determination. A love for animals helps a bit. I like my Glaceon, Frost-Wind, very much, who evolved from an Eevee I was raising around one of the cities. I'm actually not the oldest person I know who plays the game either. I've seen parents playing this game with their children as much as I see people my own age playing it. One of things that makes the game wonderful is the broad base of appeal that it has. Anyone can pick-up the game and be able to enjoy it a bit.

Q: Any chance You can help me with the game?

A: If you can find me!

Pokemon is a wonderful game for anyone to have the chance to play. It is rated E for Everybody by the ESRB, making it appropriate for most ages. Solid reading skills are helpful, but as the game is aimed at an audience about 7-10, anyone in that range and above shouldn't have a problem with the text.

As a side note, half of the staff at Rarityguide.com play Pokemon

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