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Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver Walkthrough Part 49 – Route 44 to Ice Path
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 05/28/2010
This part of the walkthrough covers Route 44 to Ice Path.

49 – Route 44 to Ice Path

Now that everything is done in Goldenrod, again, hop on your Pokemon with Fly and head for Mahogany Town again. This time, head toward the man who sold you the Rage Candy Bar and walk past him, he should let you past now. Favor moving upwards a little so you can grab a Red Apricorn. Just a little to the right (and down) is Psychic Phil. He will challenge you starting with a Natu lvl. 27. It knows Confuse Ray and will likely open with it. It is not very durable, so a solid hit should take it down before it can do much. After that, he will send out a Kadabra lvl. 29, little stronger, good Special Attack, decent Speed, crappy physical defense and HP. This one will likely start with Reflect, which boost the Defense of Phil's entire team for a number of turns. It also knows Psybeam, Charge Beam and Disable. Head just a little down and to the right to grab the item ball not too far from Phil, which contains a Max Repel. Now, the Route splits into two, briefly.

Top Part:
If you head head up from Phil and to the right, you see a Fisherman, this is Wilton. Talk to him to battle him. He opens with a Goldeen lvl. 26. It will likely open with Water Pulse, which has a chance of confusing your Pokemon, so keep wary for that. It will play a mixed game, going between status and attack. It does know Supersonic, Horn Attack and Flail as well. After that, Wilton can send out either Goldeen lvl. 26, or Seaking lvl. 28. The second Goldeen is the same as the first, but the Seaking offers something a bit different. It knows the Water Pulse, Horn Attack, and Aqua Ring, but this time a bit more durable. After the battle, Wilton will offer you his phone number, saying he will call when he manages to fish up items people have dropped. Head a little to the right and you will quickly see (and likely encounter) another trainer, Poke Maniac Zach. He will lead with a Rhyhorn lvl. 30. These things are tough, so it is best to attack with what they are weak against, like Grass, Water or Fighting types. It is his only Pokemon so the fight can end quickly. Keep going to the right to find an item ball. This item ball has an Ultra Ball inside it. From here, head to the body of water and surf a ways to the left, you will find a small landing covered in Grass and an item ball containing a Max Revive! Keep going to the left, surf once again, and hop onto the bridge below you. From here, follow the section for the Bottom part.

Bottom Part
If you head down and to the right from Phil, you will see a Fisherman, Edgar, on the top part of the bridge. Talk to him to challenge him to a battle. He will start with a Remoraid lvl. 28. It has Lock-On, Bubble-Beam, Aurora Beam and . After that, he will send out an identical second Remoraid. Neither are that durable, so one shot will likely take them down. After you beat him, head to the right. You will see another trainer, Ace Trainer Cybil, waiting to challenge you. She will lead with a Mareep lvl. 29. It only knows Discharge for an attack, but it also knows Cotton Spore, Charge and Thunder Wave. It can pose a challenge if it manages to paralyze your Pokemon, but nothing big aside from that. After the Mareep, she will send out a Bellossom lvl. 29. It will also try to paraylze your Pokemon, but with Stun Spore. Once it paralyzes your Pokemon it will start to attack with Magical Leaf, which will always hit. It will likely keep doing so until it wins. After that battle, keep going to the right. You will see another trainer, Ace Trainer Allen. He is waiting to challenge you. He will start with a Charmeleon lvl. 29. It will likely start with Ember. It will favor this attack a bit, so keep on guard for the Burn status. It may also use Scary Face, dropping your Pokemon's speed, to give itself an edge attacking you. After that, Allen will out a Magnemite lvl. 29. It will try to paralyze your Pokemon then attack with Spark, repeatedly.

From there, head to the right and up the stairs. There is one last trainer to take on, Bird Keeper Vance. He is not too far from the entrance to the Ice Path. He will start with a Hoothoot lvl. 28. Which will likely start with Uproar. It is very easy to take down as Uproar is not a very strong attack. After that, he will send in Pidgeotto lvl. 28. It will favor attacking with Twister apparently. It remains, nothing too strong, especially after Team Rocket! After the battle, he will offer you his number so later you may be able to battle hm again. Just head up and to the right to reach the entrance to the Ice Path.

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