Rarity Guide Interview with Jeremy Soule

Doug: Well, Jeremy thanks for agreeing to this interview.
Jeremy: Well, thank you.
Doug: Let's start with a hard question: What's your favorite video game?
Jeremy: You know, I really like Zelda to be honest with you. That always had my heart as a kid. And they're performing it tonight.
Doug: Okay, I am way there.
Jeremy: Okay, maybe we can work, your people with my people
Doug: Alright, will do. Well, any current projects you can talk about?
Jeremy: Yes, well, I can talk about 2 MMO's. One is Guild Wars 2, which will be coming out soon. I finished the score on that. I was part of a team. I did a little bit of work on this game called “World of Warcraft.”
Doug: Oh, yes, I think I've heard of this one
Jeremy: You've heard of that one. Between those 2, they've been keeping me very, very busy.
Doug: I could imagine
Jeremy: So, it's funny. I've finish that little game called “Skyrim” and then I go onto these other little games. It's a lot me. We just announced a 4-disc collector's edition soundtrack for Guild Wars 2. And for a limited time I will sign every single copy that comes out; every order. So it's not a robot, it's me, signing them. So for those that've collected maybe the “Skyrim” Soundtrack and would like to have a companion. We're putting the word out there. So, for a little while, until my arm gets too tired and I can't move it anymore I will sign those.
Doug: How do you feel music has evolved in video games itself? From the sound of it you've worked on a lot of different titles over the years.
Jeremy: I've been very lucky. I think music's just tried to keep pace with everything else that's been going on with the design. And direction of games is much more sophisticated then it used to be. Then we've had revolutionary things happening with technology. The music is really just part of that. I've been able to grow with the industry. I do my best to keep up.
Doug: Do you feel you have any particular influences?
Jeremy: Absolutely. I'm influenced by so many composers. On a given day I might be listening to WC or John Linds or Hans Zimmer. There are so many great composers out there. I love it.
Doug: Dang, I wish I had more time to ask you some more questions. Thank you.
Jeremy: Thank you