Comic Con 2012 – July 14th, Saturday

This is the day when everything comes out of the wood work. The best panels happen today with a lot of parties at night. It is the busiest day of the convention and the most popular. It is the day when all the big TV series panels are. A number of popular movies will also make premiers and show exclusive footage. This is when everything that is really going to get unveiled. The panels are hard to get into though.

The Dealer's Floor was absolutely crazy in terms of people around and activity. Not only are a lot of activities there is a lot to see and find. There were a number of “con quests” and give-aways. This is when everyone tries their best. This is also effectively the last day to get of the Con Exclusives. If you did not get any already, it is potentially a little too late. This excepts getting onto the floor nice and early in the day to about noon. It is always best to get the exclusives as soon as you can.

When it comes to panels this is the day when you need a lot of patience. Many people will line up Friday night for Hall H and Ballroom 20 for events that happen throughout the day. This means that there can be only a slight chance of other people getting in. The rest of the rooms are easier to get into. Still, Room 6BCF in the later part of the day received a lot of attention with previews of the series: “The Following”, “Revolution”, “Lost Girl” and “Mythbusters”. Most of the new series like to show their pilot in whatever form they are in. They are very complete with only a few place holder special effects. These still fit very well into the show. There can be times it is very obvious, but that is usually with a massive and expensive looking explosion.

The final event of Saturday was the Masquerade. This massive event fills Ballroom 20. As it is very popular, an overflow area is set up as well. Inside Ballroom 20 you have a good seat to see the show first hand. These tickets can only be gotten Saturday around 2pm. It can take time to get a ticket. They do actively discourage lining up early for this. The ticket system ensures that the room has no chance of getting overloaded. It just helps keep things more orderly. Just as it has been done for a while before Kaja and Phil Foglio were the masters of ceremony. They encourage the audience to participate some in the ceremony. It starts as a simply laugh after each of the participant numbers is called but has a way of growing into a longer and longer reaction. This is a time honor tradition and changes each year. Getting into the hall is the best way to enjoy it. While the overflow seating ensures you can still see the show it cuts you off some from the experience.

With everything that happened on this day, it was good to call it. At the conclusion many people were tired but there were plenty of parties. These have a good show of the costumes but they also focus on just having fun. Saturday is a long day but it is a fun one. It is one of the best days to go to the con but remember that it is also the craziest. Be prepared in advance for a lot of lines for things but it is a lot of fun as well.