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Comic Con 2012 – July 13th, Friday
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 07/14/2012
A series of articles covering San Diego Comic Con 2012. This gives an overview of the events of Friday the 13th.

Comic Con 2012 – July 13th, Friday

Friday is the start of the weekend. Some Comic Con Attendees would argue this is when the Convention genuinely starts. The floor has been open and everything has been browsed. A number of different exclusives have been completely sold out. With all of that the day was off to a start that was a bit memorable. The crowds returned from yesterday and a little more. The weekend has officially begun at this point. Everyone who was held back by work has managed to get in now.

This is one of the rare cases where it honestly felt like Friday the 13th. Because of people camping out overnight and staying inside the Halls, it was impossible to get into some of the panels. The smaller events were about the best thing you could get into. Any of the large events (in Hall H and Ballroom 20) it was lining up from the night before to get in. It seemed absurd but it is the way things just work out. Just the whole set up of sleeping outside the convention center when there is a hotel room calling your name instead. The main panels of the day were found in those halls. The biggest one was easily the Firefly 10 year anniversary panel. It was also the day of the Community Panel and most of the major TV shows had their panel today.

The Dealer's Floor was packed. It was only at the very start and the very end that you could move about freely. During the times between you would find a massive amount of people just moving around. It was something else to simply move. There was a lot of different people in costume as well. It just seems that the closer it gets to the weekend, the more costumes will be seen around the area. The more costumes, the better. The Dealer's Floor is easily the best place to see them. It is hard to stop and get photos though. The Darksiders 2 booth was offering an interesting thing, a sort of quest for the con-goers. You had to visit 3 different booths and collect cards from each. Then you wanted to head back to the Darksiders 2 booth and collect a fourth card of a 3 card set. They were not the only place to do this. Adventure Time over at the Nickelodeon Booth. This seems to be getting more popular around the Dealer's Floor. This is a new thing but it is something that is building. It does show the push for cross-promotion overall. It helps everyone involved with the products and gets the word out about things like Comics, Books and everything working to expand their universe.

A lot of the panels started to focus on TV shows, some games and a few movies. There was one for the upcoming Berserk, with some advance screening. Another was focused the new Resident Evil movie. That was just a few. There were many more and a lot of celebration as well, like for 50 years of Marvel as well. There is simply no shortage of things to enjoy now. Things are getting more interesting in the smaller rooms as it has been shown. Some panels were giving away posters and some were t-shirts.

The convention is really coming to life once again. Friday is simply the start of it. Things are going to get busier as tomorrow is the masquerade. This will also mean a peak in the number of costumes around as well. If there is a good day for getting photos of the Cosplayers, it will be tomorrow.

There are only a couple days left of the convention now. It is time to get ready for the beginning of everything coming out of the woodwork for the convention. Comic Con will be entering Full Swing with tomorrow and the beginning of the masquerade.