Comic Con 2012 – Thursday July 12th

 If there is proof of die-hard fans, it is found here at Comic Con. As we arrived in the morning around 9:30 we looked into the Hall H crowd. The first panel there is at 11:30 for Trailer Park. However it is the second panel that most people are lined up for: “Twilight Breaking Down Part 2”. Talk with any of the people close to the start and some have been there since earlier this week. From the sound of some of them, since the line was established.

Much like last night the Dealer floor is swarmed already. The Dealer floor is the first thing to open in the morning around 6 or 7. There were more people with the same amount of space to work with. The hard part was there was just as many wonderful and interesting things. A few of the exclusives would be gone today. Aside from that, more people were focused on the gaming booths than the comic ones today. Tomorrow will show yet another story on this floor.

Hall H also had one of its big panels today, “Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2”. The line that had begun days before was finally run. With fans of all ages, it was easily one of the most popular panels of the day. This hall also had the Disney Panel. It featured 3 directors of upcoming features: “Frankenweenie”, “Wreck-it Ralph” and “Oz, The Great and Powerful”. This did include a trailer of “The Lone Ranger”. The trailer was an exclusive to the convention and it was a big surprise for those around. While they did start with the director they would generally bring in some of the voice talent. A number of great panels run there as well.

There was a lot of different panels that happened around the convention. Room 20 was the second largest gathering point for panels. As we were leaving the convention for the day there were people lining up for panels that are happening tomorrow! There are some people that will just camp out in the room for hours to see a panel hours later. There is a lot of acceptance of camping out in rooms like that. Sounds like something that would be hard to do for particular things. It just goes to show the love and determination people have to make it into some of these panels. It also shows that other people want to line up at least 2 hours

There were also panels on: Assassin's Creed III, a celebration for Street Fighter's 25th anniversary, a behind the scenes look at Star Trek: The Next Generation, a preview of coming Voltron material, a tribute to Ray Bradbury and much more. Each of these days is panels with intriguing panels which can be hard to get into.

With everything that has happened it was a great day. It was a lot of stuff today and that was just day!