Comic Con 2012 – Preview Night

It is a busy time for any con-goer when it comes to conventions on the West Coast, Comic Con is one of the best known ones. It continues to grow and draws people from all over the world. Heading through the San Diego International Airport around the start of the convention will ensure lots of interesting Geeky T-shirts from all over the world. After the quick bit of getting checked in and registered it was onto the waiting game. Got there a little early for the Preview Night. That time went toward going over the schedule for the next few days.

All of this was followed by heading into the Dealer Hall and taking in the scene there. Even for this early part of the convention, it was packed. To think that this was a lighter day! It was packed full enough that they were doing their best to keep us all moving. Talking with some of the exhibitors it was made clear that the convention was cracking down on anyone standing around. This means that the exhibitors need to manage their lines more carefully to avoid losing their badges or their spot. Still, with all of that, lines were formed neatly for a number of things. This included just getting the clear time tables for autographs and occasionally free swag.

Preview night is good for those who are much more interested in just the Dealer Room than anything else. While the convention does offer a number of panels throughout the weekend it is very obvious that Preview Night is focused on just a few TV series premiers, gaming and the Dealer Room. A few of the con-goers just got 1-day Tickets with Preview Night so they could do some shopping and see the panels that will run tomorrow.

Things were close to full swing for the mere 3 hours that preview night ran. It was a good beginning to what will be another long and wonderful weekend of announcements and panels. It is going to be a wonderful time again at San Diego Comic-Con.