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Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver Walkthrough Part 40 – Mahogany Town
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 05/21/2010
This part of the walkthrough covers the first visit to Mahogany Town.

40 – Mahogany Town

At last, you have arrived in Mahogany Town. Take a moment and head to the right then take the first path down. To your left you will see the Gym, but there is a man blocking the entrance. He says that there is a strange man moving between there and the Lake of Rage. This could merit some investigation, but first, heal up your Pokemon. The Pokemon Center is just to the right of the Gym. If you talk with the people in the Pokemon Center, the two nearest the counter will tell you some handy tips on evolution while the one further away hints at Team Rocket also being at the Lake of Rage. If you take a moment and turn on your Pokegear's radio, you will not hear any of the usual broadcast, inside you just get an eerie tune.

Before one heads for the Lake of Rage, let's investigate the rest of town. Just about the Pokemon Center and the Gym is an odd little souvenir shop (odd in that the sign by says very clear there is nothing suspicious about it and you do not need to look into it) with a tree that had a radio antennae on top of it. If you go inside, the first person just talks about how Magikarp is worthless but Gyrados is a money maker. If you talk with the other person, they will comment on how there is wind blowing into the room but it is just them … whistling. After that, they will offer to sell you something. The initial stock is very small, Tiny Mushrooms, Poke Balls and Potions.

After that, head out and a bit to the right. Before you head into this house, talk to the man on the righthand side of the house. He will offer to sell you a RageCandyBar for 300 Poke! If you try to continue past this man, he will stop you from progressing on. He will suggest going to Olivine's Lighthouse or Cianwood's Pharmacy. Might as well check out the house then. Inside the house, one person will tell you how a Red Gyrados has appeared at the Lake and that regular Gyrados are rare there. The other person merely comments on how she likes the Radio show Pokemon Music.

With that, everything is done here in Mahogany Town, so it is time to head for the Lake of Rage. Just head to the northern part of town and through the building.

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