Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes Walkthrough Part 23 – Unwelcome Guest, Part 3

Head over to the right and use Robin to grapple onto the golden door. This will lower a ladder that he or Superman can climb up. Once inside a number of Drill Bots will attack you. Defeat them then it is time to make some use of Superman's Heat Vision. Get him inside and melt the gold machine on the right-hand side of the room. It will pass a current to the right that reveals some assembly pieces on that platform. Use Superman to get over there and assemble them in a hurry. They make a handy Zipline from the far right-hand side to the center of the back of the room. There is one more member of your trio who has been having a lot of trouble moving around: Batman.

Switch to Batman and start making your way over to the far right-hand side of the room. Hop the gaps in the blue balance beams to get there. Get over to the ledge and grapple up to the higher portion of it. Go to the left a little and use the Zipline.

With Batman in the back of the room, it is time for some explosions. Blast everything around the base of the machine in this area. This will get you a number of assembly pieces. Put them together to reveal a ball socket. Change over to Robin and use the Magnetic Suit to get back to the previous suit changer you accessed to the left. Now, have Robin go all the way around to the right. Use the Zipline to get back to the rear portion of the room and engage the Ball Socket you assembled. Spin it to the left and the dinosaur will spin, roar and come to a halt after a while. On its tail is a grapple point that you need to use to move forward.

Climb up onto the dinosaur and walk down the length of it toward the Joker Box and the fan farther back in the room. As you approach the Joker Box will spit out its Jack-in-the-Box and at least 6 Drill Bots will pop out of the ground in groups of 3. Defeat all of them then it is time to turn your attention to the Shiny Silver rock on the roof of the cavern. Use Batman's Power Suit to blast it away then have either jump into the air current to get carried out of there.

From there, the two talk about just what Lex and the Joker are after. There is no clear cut motive at present for them. Unfortunately, while the lot thickens, Batman's veil on his identity might be getting worn a little thin as Joker does notice that the Batcave is underneath Bruce Wayne's manor. The bigger problem is that Lex Luthor does not have a lot of love for Bruce either. This does not go over too well for the Caped Crusader or his alter ego.