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Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver Walkthrough Part 35 – Cianwood City
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 05/17/2010
This part of the walkthrough covers Cianwood City

35 – Cianwood City

As always for the conclusion of treks like that one, head to the Southeast part of town to find the Pokemon Center. heal up your Pokemon and it is time to start taking in the local flavor. The man by the Pokemon PC is your usual instructor for the Gyms. he will tell you about the Gym Leader and his crew. They all use Fighting type Pokemon so you will find yourself at an advantage if you have Psychic type Pokemon or just beat them before they can crush you. He will also tell you that Chuck, the Gym Leader, is really into his waterfall training, that is standing underneath a waterfall as a test of endurance. To battle him, you must find a way to shut off the water. The other two mention only one bit of interest. The one near the stairs down to the Wi-Fi connection talks about how he likes to show off his Pokemon to friends. The other, close to the stairs headed to the second floor tells you that there is a Pokemon Maniac in town who loves to show off his rare Pokemon.

heading o0ut of the Pokemon Center, to the left, the woman you will see would tell you about how a mystical sea creature lives in the islands that you passed through. The building right next to the Pokemon Center is the Cianwood Pharmacy, the exact thing you are looking for. Head in and talk to the man behind the counter. He will give you the medicine for the lighthouse Pokemon without hesitation.

Now that you have the Potion, you need a faster way back to Olivine. The next house to the left has a person who your rival has intimidated into giving him a Pokemon. Take a moment to get an open spot in your party and you will be able to receive a Shuckle. This Rock/Bug type Pokemon is one of the most durable Pokemon in the game. it will be lvl. 20 holding Berry Juice, which will restore a Pokemon's HP by 20, and the moves: Constrict, Bide, Encore and Safeguard.

Heading up a row, you will find the Gym and another House. if you talk to the lady in front of the Gym she will tell you that you can use Fly once you have this City's Gym badge. That does sound a lot faster than using Surf to get all the way back. She will also tell you to come see her once you beat the Gym Leader and she will have a present for you. The residents of the house will tell you a little more about the sea creature that lives in the Whirlpool Islands. The main tidbit is that you need to have the Silver Wing to have a chance to see the creature.

Before we head into the Gym, let us explore the rest of the city (Amphy can wait just a bit longer). Just above the last house, you will find another and a camera set up near by it. Using the camera will have it take a photo of your present Pokemon team. The house belongs to Cameron, a photographer. Inside, Cameron will simply encourage you to take a picture using the camera outside. he will also tell you that you may encounter his siblings in your travels.

The person just outside Cameron's house only tells you that you can get back to Olivine instantly with Fly. The person above the gym tells you how you cna find things under smashed boulders. Keep heading upwards, there is a little more to see.

Not too far from the last person you will see Suicine on a ledge nearby. Approach it and it will literally run circles around you then take off past you down Route 41.  You will then encounter its seeker, Eusine. He will challenge you to a battle. He has three Pokemon and will open up with a Drowzee lvl. 25.  It will likely open with Hypnosis and follow it with Dream Eater. After that, he will likely send in either Electrode lvl. 27or Haunter lvl. 25. The Electrode will likely open with Thunder and keep using it. The Haunter will possibly open with Curse. Remember, as it is a Ghost Type, Curse will be doing a fair amount of damage each turn while the Pokemon is out. It has a chance of following this up with Mean Look, which will trap any Pokemon out for a few turns so you cannot switch it out. it may follow this with Hypnosis or Lick. After this, he will remark that he is beginning to see why Suicine is keeping an eye on you. He will bid you farewell then and head off.

There is one more house to visit before you hit the gym. Just head to the left of where you just encountered Eusine and head in. The lady inside has not had a visitor for a while. She will simply tell you about her time as a Pokemon Trainer. After you talk with her, take a moment to smash the rock between her house and the boulders beside it, you will find a Revive hidden in the rock wall.  Time to head into the Pokemon Gym so you can get Fly and speed up your travel overall.

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