Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes Walkthrough Part 1 – Theatrical Pursuits, Part 1

Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne go to face off in the “Man Of The Year” event. As Bruce goes to accept the award the Joker decided to throw in a clip and interrupt the event, jumping in. He along with a good number of the Gotham City Villians: Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler and Harley Quinn.

Batman burst through the screen just as Joker starts to make a speech. Most of the villians make a get away through a trap door in the stage. Harley Quinn stays behind to occupy Batman and direct the minions. Time to get to the brawling. There are a number of goons from Joker running around. 3 are around the Batmobile: 1 close by Batman's start point and 2 other opposite it, Head forward and to the left-hand side of the stage to find another Goon collecting more tabs. Head over to the left from there to find a Goon attempting to mug a patron on a table. Beat the Goon to help the patron down who will drop a number of chips. Take a moment to also go around the edges of the room to find more chips to collect.

Harley Quinn
Once you have run around the room, head to the right-hand side of the stage. Hold “B/Circle” to build the stairs up to the stage to face Harley Quinn. She has 3 hearts of health. Once the fight begins, some Goons will come onto to the stage from the wings and attack Batman and Robin. You will be prompted to aim a target over Harley Quinn. Once you have her in the target release to have Batman throw a Batarang at her. You cannot hit her anyway as she stands on pillars that are a little too high for Jump Attacks.

Once she has taken 3 Batarang hits, she will fall from the podium and into the trap door the rest of the villains used as an escape. Once you land, hit the prompted button to open the gate holding Batman and Robin in with the unconscious Harley Quinn. Save Point! Walk down into the Orchestra Pit and around it to collect more chips.

Once you have collected everything you can here, go and beat up on the big metal container in the back left part of the room. It will start moving. Once it is over by the bottom right wall, it is likely to explode and reveal the Riddler. He challenges Batman to a game of Hide and Seek. Head into the next room and the Riddler's henchmen will start attacking you once you make it to the middle. You are also shown a secure area with a camera and a watchman.

In the room you are in though, you need to first beat 5 Henchmen. After that, 3 more will burst through the windows in the back of the area. Defeat all of them then go through the windows. Between the left window and the middle window is a collectable. Grab it. Now head over to the stairs on the left you came in on. Hold “X/Square” and aim onto the handle above you. This will have Batman grab onto the ledge with his Grappling Hook. Head over to the right, collecting the chips to the edge of the ledge. Hold “X/Square” and aim for the glowing handle above. This will not only raise Batman to the grappling target, but also reveal the next one in the chain. Aim to the right and have Batman swing over to the next one. Lower him down then follow the ledge to the right. Head to the end of it and nudge the crate there off to the floor below.

The crate burst into pieces and drops a large number of chips. Collect the chips then head over to the remains. Build them to reveal something useful: a Suit changer. It will give Batman the Sensor Suit he needs to get by the security camera. Press “B/Circle” to activate the cloaking device which will let Batman get past the Security System. Head into the Security Room and beat up the guard in there to shut down the camera. After that, head out to the right.