Game of Thrones Walkthrough Part 60 – Alester – Avenge Riverspring, Part 1

Available: Chapter 8 – 13, after you visit the Shadow Council's Meeting Chamber in Riverspring

Objective: “The Collector is draining resources from Riverspring. Pay him a visist in his manse in King's Landing to put things right.”

King's Landing
Head for the Noble District and go to the alleyway just to the right of the entrance of Harlton's Manse. Head inside and you will meet Gerion. You can either say outright that the Brotherhood sent him or to just avoid using any tricks at all. If you just say you are from the Brotherhood, Gerion does not admit to  there being someone there under that name. Alester will get angry and say he will seek out and kill their master. Gerion will call for aid from the guards.

Objective: “Your enemy is hiding somewhere. Find him and avenge your people.”
In the first fight, you find yourself against 3 guards. 2 are wearing no armor while the remaining guard has Light Armor on. The 2 without will charge and attack you with daggers while the third hangs back and attacks you with a Crossbow. Defeat them in whatever priorities work best for your build.

Head through the door to the South and into the hallway behind it. There Alester will find 2 paths. One leads to the right through a door. Behind this door is Fat Gullet. He is an Elite Boss without any armor. Head through the door and take care of him. Save exploring this room for later as it leads to the cellar but you do not have the key for it just yet. Head back into the corridor and head West and take the stairs to the South up to the next level.

Head to the first door in front of you. On the other side of this door is a set of 4 guards. The 2 that rush you have No Armor and use daggers, 1 in Light armor with a Sword comes at you as well, while the final guard attacks with a Crossbow. Defeat them all and head into the room. Just to the left of the door is a chest with 7 silver. Head over to the nightstand by the bed to find a missive for the Collector: “Seizure.” After that, head back into the Hallway and go to the end of it to the East. There are 2 more rooms to explore.

Northern Room:
As you open the door you are attacked by 3 guards. 2 do not have armor while the third has only light armor. All come at you with short blades. Deal with them appropriately then head into the room. Once again, just inside the room you will find a chest to the left. It contains 7 silver.

Eastern Room:
Inside this room you will find Gerion. He as 2 guards as support. One is in Heavy Armor while the other is in Medium. Gerion himself does not have any armor but he does possess Battle cry which bolsters your foes. When it comes to Gerion he seems initially more concerned about boost than fighting. Swing at him and that is all he will do, boost his men, be them dead or alive …

Loot Gerion's body to get the keys for the Collector's Basement. Head back down the stairs and over to the door where you fought Fat Gullet. Use the keys on the hatch to the West.