Dragon's Dogma Character Creation

Select a gender for your character. Choose Male or Female

Select a name for your character (12 characters max)

Your moniker will display for players with parental control enabled. Choose from a pre set list of names.

Select a base body. You can view poses. Also note the height and weight of each build. Heavier builds are more suited for playing as tanks, while slimmer characters are better with smaller, yet faster weapons.

Note that you can zoom/rotate your character at any time, also view expressions.

Listen and choose a voice type from several types of voices.

Choose "Make More Detailed Edits" from the next menu, to further customize your character. Or choose "Edit Basic Information" to edit the information so far. Or if you just want to start the game without further customization of your character, choose "Confirm".

Edit Head
Preset Faces (also can adjust hair and skin color from here). Note that selecting a new face will overwrite the current face selection.
Hairstyle (you can also adjust hair color here)
Face Shape
Eyes (Can also adjust eye position, size, and color). Spacing (Narrow/Wide), Size, Eye Color, Left Eye Color, Vertical Position (Down/Up).
Brows (Also adjust brow position and color)
Nose - Vertical Position, Size (Small/Large)

Edit Body
Preset Bodies. You can also set the skin color from here. Selecting a new preset body will overwrite the current body selection.
Stature - Adjust the body height with the slider. (Short/Tall).  Weight: (Slim/Heavy). Skin Color: Select your desired color.
Musculature - Musculature (Skinny/Bulky), Bust Size
Stance - Posture (Timid/Imposing), Stance (Ladylike/Macho). Use sliders to adjust.

Edit Features
Wrinkles (Shallow/Deep)
Facial Hair
Makeup (Also adjust makeup color here)
Color Adjustment - This includes Hair Color, Skin Color, Makeup Color, Eye Color.