Random Dungeons spawn in set locations. They do not always spawn, but when they do, they appear in a specific zone. Some of these locations are needed for the "No Stone Unturned" achievement. We have also included the creatures that spawn there, for "The Takedown" and "Keep it Rare" achievements. This guide will tell you the locations and description of all the Random Dungeons in Diablo III.

The Lore Books that can be found in each dungeon are also listed, for the achievements: A Quick Study, Taking Notes, Historian of Tristram.

If you are looking for a specific dungeon and it is not in the area, leave the game and come back to reset the zone, then search for the dungeon again.

Act I Random Dungeons

Abandoned Servant House
Southern Highlands
There is a dye merchant here, Arghus the Collector.

Cave of the Moon Clan
Southern Highlands
Two level dungeon (Cave of the Moon Clan Level 1, Cave of the Moon Clan Level 2)
Monsters include Dark Moon Clan Warriors, Spiderlings. Possible yellow (rare) enemies such as Zarhym, Thrall of Azmodan (Teleporter)
Sources of Loot include Dead Villagers and chests.
There is a Treasure Seeker and a Treasure Pygmy (Demons) you can hit for gold.
There is a lorebook here,  Notes of Urik the Seer Part 1, inside Urik's Satchel in level 1 of the dungeon, and Part 2 in the second level.
A Bloody Chest and Resplendent Chest can potentially be found on level 2.

The Cave Under the Well
Old Tristram Road
Small dungeon under a well, one level.
Monsters include Risen, Walking Corpses.
Not many enemies, but a lot of gold

Damp Cellar
Old Tristram Road
Wooden door on ground reveals small map with one room.
Some Barrels, and a Dead Tristram Militia. Searching the Dead Tristram Militia causes a lot of Risen to spawn.

Dank Cellar
Old Tristram Road
Very small dungeon, just a couple of rooms. Has some Quill Fiends next to an empty chest, and a boss  (purple named) - Sarkoth, Hoarder of Treasure
Not that much treasure on the ground, but the boss has some good drops.

Dark Cellar
The Old Ruins
Small zone with risen and walking corpses.
A Treasure Pygmy provides lots of gold when hit, there is also a chest here.

Decaying Crypt
Fields of Misery
Very big map with two levels (Decaying Crypt Level 1, Decaying Crypt Level 2)
Sources of Loot include Ash Pots (Ashes), Stone Vaults, Rotting Coffins, and Stone Coffins.
A Blessing Shrine can be found here.
Mobs in this crypt include mostly undead such as Decayers, Plague Carriers, Rancid Stumblers, Unburied, Dust Biters, Spewing Horrors.
There is also an event here (in level 2 of the crypt): The Family of Rathe
A Resplendent Chest can be found at the end of level 2.

Den of The Fallen
The Weeping Hollow
Large map, a big winding cave with two levels (Den of the Fallen Level 1, Den of the Fallen Level 2)
Healing Wells and Shrines can be found in these caves.
Sources of loot include Decayed Fallen Shamans and chests.
Enemies include Carrion Bats, Carrrion Nests, Plague Carriers, Ravenous Dead, and Scavengers. Potential elite (yellow) boss such as Zarhym Drekroot (Electrified).
A Resplendent Chest can be found in level 2 of this dungeon.

Farmer's Cellar
Fields of Misery (Fohlorn Farm)
After you save the farm from the monsters attacking it, the Terrified Farmer tells you that him and his poor wife were trapped in the cellar for hours and that his wife will thank you if you go down into the cellar. Enter the creepy cellar to find a dead wife, as well as a Resplendent Chest with good high quality items.

Highlands Cave
Leoric's Hunting Grounds
One-Level Dungeon

House of Curios
Fields of Misery (Lonely Dwelling)
There is a merchant here: Adenah the Curio Vendor
There is an item (Lore Book) on the floor, Adenah's Jottings

Lost Mine
Fields of Misery
Big mines, two levels (Lost Mine Level 1, Lost Mine Level 2)
Sources of gold include Dead Villagers, Dead Adventurers.
Monsters include mostly beasts such as Burrowing Leapers, Quill Demons, Plague Nests, Plague Carriers, and also undead such as Uninterred. Possible elite (yellow) monsters such as Nizoon the Greedy (Nightmarish).
There is an event in Level 2 of the Lost Mine, if you talk to Tashum the Miner in the entrance, "The Precious Ores", to help Tashun the Miner find the riches in the mine, requiring you to find Vein of Metals and Pure Gemstone. Completing this event unlocks Tashum as a merchant, who sells several good magic items.
A Resplendent Chest and/or Bloody Chests can also be found in level two.

The Lyceum
Southern Highlands
Contains a Lore Item, "Villager's Journal"

Mass Grave
Old Tristram Road
Small map, a single underground chamber. Has a Bones Pile with some loot. A few Risen spawn here.

Musty Cellar
Old Tristram Road
Another small cellar. Includes possible rare elite (yellow named) monster such as Shiverstark the Unforgiven (Frozen) as well as some Risen
Not much loot, other than what the boss drops.

Scavenger's Den
Fields of Misery
Big map containing two levels: Scavenger Den Level 1, Scavenger Den Level 2
Mobs include: Plague Carriers, Quill Demons, Burrowing Leapers
There is a Resplendent Chest on level 2.

Tinker's Hovel / Pillaged Home
Location: Fields of Misery (Sheltered Cottage)
Small house with a merchant inside, The Wandering Tinker, who can sell some magic items.

Watch Tower
Northern Highlands
2-Level Dungeon (Watch Tower Level 1, Watch Tower Level 2)
Loot/Treasure sources include Weapon Racks, Barrels, Chests, Loose Stones, Dead Adventurers, Bookcases, Dead Villagers
Enemies include Returned Archers, Returned Executioners, Returned Shieldman, and Dark Cultists. Also possibly a yellow elite monster, such as Felyron the Maligned (Waller) and Timok Brimstone (Teleporter).
There is an NPC here, Vendel the Armorsmith. He gives you an event: The Scavenged Scabbard in which you need to find the Jeweled Scabbard. You find the Scabbard deep in the Watchtower Level 2, protected by a boss, Armorer's Bane (Harrower of Filth) and his army of Burrowing Leapers. He drops a green story item, Scabbard of Talic the Defender. Completing this event unlocks Vender the Armorsmith as a Merchant. He sometimes will have rare items in his inventory.