Act IV Challenges

Uncaged (10 Points)
Kill Diablo without getting trapped in a spike cage on Hell difficulty or higher.

Diablo has an ability that spawns spiked cages. Watch as they spawn and have your character move to a safe spot immediately if in a danger zone.

There can only be one (10 Points)
Fight and kill 5 clones of yourself in Diablo's Realm of Terror on Hell difficulty or higher.

Those clones spawn in the Realm of Terror in Act IV. Kill five of them to get this achievement.

Self Sufficient (10 Pts)
Kill Diablo without using any health globes or healing wells on Nightmare difficulty or higher

Pretty self explanatory. Avoid the health globes and healing wells. You have to be actively avoiding the health globes - if you go too close, you will pick them up. If you are having troubles with this achievement, consider unequipping any armor that grants you a bonus to the range in which you pick up the red globes.

Gardening (10)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Sigil
Destroy all the corruption in the Gardens of Hope without leaving the game

There are 27 corruptions in the Garden of Hope. Some players reported seeing only 26 corruption, however this might have been a bug. There should be 27. If your quest is bugged, restart it.

Fallen Angel (10)
Kill Izual and his minions within 120 seconds of the start of the fight

This is in the Great Span zone in the quest "Prime Evil" quest in Act 4.

Don't Worry (10)
Kill Rakanoth before killing any of his minions

This is in the Library of Fate, in the quest "The Light of Hope". Make sure your follower does not kill any of the minions either. If you are having difficulties getting this achievement, consider attempting it without your follower.

Return to the Light (10)
Achievement Reward: Banner Accent
Release 25 Impaled Angels

There are tormented and Impale Angels to release near the area where Izual is. Release 25 of the Impaled Angels to get this achievement.

On the Wings of Angels (10)
Complete Act IV in under 1 hour