Conversation Achievements
These achievements are easy to get - all you have to do is talk to NPCs, whether it's your followers, other characters in the story,  and artisans. Note however, that many dialog options are not available from the beginning. As you progress in the story, new conversation options unlock, so be sure to check with the various NPCs to see if they have additional conversations available. We will list the conversation topics needed, as well as in which act, so that you know what to look for. Certain dialog topics go away when an act is over, so it is important to speak to the NPCs in the acts listed below to ensure you get all of the options.

The Art of Conversation (20 Points)
Achievement Reward: Banner Sigil
Complete the main character, follower, and artisan conversation achievements listed below:
Talk is cheap, Friends are Priceless (Artisan conversations: Blacksmith Haedrig Aemon, Jeweler Covetous Shen)
Now I've heard Everything (Main Character Conversations with Deckard Cain, Leah, Adria and Tyrael)
Dirty Little Secrets (Conversation with the followers): Templar, Scoundrel, Enchantress

The Art of Conversation Achievement involves getting three other conversation achievements, which will be listed below. The best way to ensure getting this achievement, and the rest of the conversation achievements, is to talk to all followers, artisans, and NPCs and listen to all the conversation options.

Now I've Heard Everything (20 Points)
Complete the main character conversation achievements listed below:
Stay Awhile and Listen (Deckard Cain's Conversations)
Bewitched (Adria's Conversations)
More than Stories (Leah's Conversations)
It's Just Us (Tyrael's Conversations)

This is another achievement that involves getting other achievements. All specific conversations will be listed below.

Dirty Little Secret (20 Points)
Complete the following conversations achievements listed below:
For the Order (Templar Conversations)
To Catch a Thief  (Scoundrel Conversations)
Secrets of the Ages (Enchantress Conversations)

Again, an achievement made up of smaller achievements

Talk is Cheap, Friends are Priceless (20 Points)
Complete the artisan conversation achievements listed below:
Hassling Haedrig (Blacksmith Dialogs)
Everybody Loves Shen (Jeweler Dialogs)

For the Order (10 Points)
Listen to all of the Templar's Conversations:
Becoming a Templar (Act I-IV)
Sins (Act I-IV)
Initiation (Act I-IV)
Lessons (Act I-IV)
Seeking the Truth (Act II-IV)
A Dangerous Journal (Act II-IV)
Confronting Fears (Act II-IV)
The Past Revealed (Act II-IV)
The Torn Page (Act III-IV)
The Templar's Research (Act III-IV)
The Truth (Act III)
Secrets of the Tome (Act III-IV)
The Templar's Lesson (Act IV)
Adria's Betrayal (Act IV)
Shadows of the Coven (Act IV)

To Catch a Thief (10 Points)
Listen to all of the Scoundrel's Conversations
Lyndon's Origins (Act I-IV)
The Unrepentant Rogue (Act I-IV)
Kingsport Fighting (Act I-IV)
Sticky Fingers (Acts I-IV)
Difficult Decisions (Act I-IV)
Blood Ties (Act II-IV)
Brothers Divided (Act II-IV)
The Guard's Fate (Act II-IV)
First Love (Act II-IV)
Brotherly Love (Acts III-IV)
The Scoundrel's Wealth (Act III-IV)
A Dark Outlook (Act IV)
The Thief's Secret (Act III-IV)
A Lost Family (Act IV)
A Final Gift (Act IV)

Secrets of the Ages (10 Points)
Listen to all of the Enchantress's conversations:
Eirena's Journey (Act II-IV)
A Lost Age (Act II-IV)
The Unanticipated (Act II-IV)
Missing Pieces (Act II-IV)
The Prophecy Broken (Act II-IV)
Ancient Secrets (Act II-IV)
The First Memories (Act II-IV)
The Vizerei Lord (Act III-IV)
A Sacred Pact (Act III-IV)
Leah's Fate (Act IV)
A Lost Friend (Act IV)
The Dying Angel (Act IV)
A Hidden Legacy (Act IV)

Hassling Haedrig (10 Points)
Listen to all of the Blacksmith's Conversations
The Weary Blacksmith (Act I)
New Tristram (Act I)
Haedrig's Grandfather (Act I)
Cain's Disappearance (Act I)
Mira Eamon (Act I)
Haedrig's Father (Act I)
Fate of Haedrig's Father (Act I)
Returning to Caldeum (Act II)
Changes in the City (Act II)
Meeting Mira (Act II)
About Mira (Act II)
The Vecin (Act II)
Going to Tristram (Act II)
Caldeum after Belial (Act II)
The Future (Act III)
Raising the Catapults (Act III)
The Final Goal (Act III)
Tides of Battle (Act III)
Nerves (Act III)
Haedrig's Sorrow (Act IV)
Bastion's Keep (Act IV)
An Apology (Act IV)

Everybody Loves Shen (10 Points)
Listen to all of the Jeweler's conversations:
The Restless Dead (Act I)
Tell me about yourself (Act I)
Deckard Cain (Act I)
Jewels (Act I)
King Leoric (Act I)
The Fallen Star (Act I)
The World (Act I)
Dark Visions (Act I)
Grieving (Act I)
The Stranger (Act I)
The Journey Ahead (Act I)
A Special Jewel (Act II)
The Desert Heat (Act II)
The Legend of Zei the Trickster (Act II)
Caldeum (Act II)
A Mysterious Rumor (Act II)
Zoltun Kulle (Act II)
Legends and Myth (Act II)
The Jewel's Price (Act II)
The Black Soulstone (Act II)
The Frozen North (Act III)
More Memories (Act III)
The Nature of the Jewel (Act III)
The Battlefields (Act III)
The End (Act III)
Hard Questions (Act III)
A Dark Day (Act IV)
Hope (Act IV)
The Hunt Continues (Act IV)
Leah's Soul  (Act IV)
God or Man (Act IV)
Ruin and Corruption (Act IV)
The Lord of Terror (Act IV)

Stay Awhile and Listen (10 Points)
Listen to all of Deckard Cain's conversations
Who are you (Act I)
Prophecy of the End Days (Act I)
Your Adoptive Niece (Act I)
Mad King Leoric (Act I)
The Horadrim (Act I)
The Archangel Tyrael (Act I)
Origins of the Coven (Act I)
Leah and Cain's Travels (Act I)
The Worldstone (Act I)
Destruction of the Worldstone (Act I)

More Than Stories (10 Points)
Listen to all of Leah's Conversations
Life with Cain (Act I)
Tristram (Act I)
Adria (Act I)
Leah's Childhood (Act I)
Adria's Death (Act I)
About the Temple (Act I)
Leah's Power (Act I)
About Adria (Act II)
Remembering Deckard (Act II)
About Zoltun Kulle (Act II)
The Archives (Act II)
Concern (Act III)
Hopes (Act III)
Dreams (Act III)

It's Just Us (10 Points)
Listen to all of Tyrael's conversations
Vanished Memories (Act I)
The Sword (Act I)
The Mysterious Coven (Act I)
The Lords of Hell (Act I)
About Caldeum (Act I)
Refugees in Caldeum (Act I)
Sbout Your Fall (Act II)
Destruction of Mount Arreat (Act II)
The Last Twenty Years (Act II)
Corruption (Act II)
Zoltun Kulle's Death (Act II)
Kulle's Black Soulstone (Act IIII)
The Flawed Stone (Act III)
Human Knowledge (Act III)
A Lost Opportunity (Act III)
Guilt (Act III)
The Thrill of Battle (Act III)
Tyrael's Command (Act III)
The Battle of the Diamond Gates (Act III)
The External Conflict (Act III)
The Creation of the World (Act III)
Heavens Fall (Act IV)
Adria's Treachery (Act IV)
The Dark Wanderer (Act IV)
The High Heavens (Act IV)
Leah's Spirit (Act IV)
Malthael (Act IV)
Malthael's Fate (Act IV)
The Prime Evil (Act IV)

Bewitched (10 Points)
Listen to all of Adria's conversations
The Price of Victory (Act II)
The Mad Wizard (Act II)
Tyrael's Warning (Act II)
Leah's Birth (Act II)
Adria and Cain (Act II)
Motives (Act II)
Adria's Capture (Act II)
Belial and the Soulstone (Act II)
Adria's Quest (Act II)
Ensnaring Belial (Act II)
Magic (Act II)
Your Daughter (Act II)
Azmodan (Act III)
Suffering (Act III)
The War's End (Act III)

Sales and Tales (10 Points)
Listen to all of the town merchants' conversations
Arghus the Collector (Act I)
Radek the Fence (Act I)
Bron the Barkeep (Act I)
Tashun the Miner (Act I)
Tilnan the Collector (Act II)
Silmak the Fence (Act II)
Sadeir the Innkeeper (Act II)
Lugo the Miner (Act II)
Squirt the Peddler (Act II)
Vidar the Collector (Act III)
Litton the Fence (Act III)
Gorell the Quartermaster(Act III)
Botulph the Miner (Act III)