As you delve deeper into the Halls of Agony, watch out for the giant cleaver traps, and plan your approach carefully so you do not get slashed by the huge blades. Inferno Zombies climb out of fire pits to attack you, be careful not to wander to close to the traps while fighting these. Soon you reach a Rusty Door, open it and enter the room which contains a Musty Lecturn. Interact with it to receive a story item (green), Leoric's Journal part 4. Go through another door and go towards the blinking quest marker. There will be one last group of monsters standing between you and the exit from this dungeon level. Defeat them, then enter Halls of Agony Level 2.

As you enter level 2 of the Halls of Agony, the game creates a checkpoint. Your quest tracker updates:

The Imprisoned Angel
Go to the Highlands Passage

Be prepared to be attacked by several groups of mobs at the beginning of the level, including Dark Summoners, Disentombed Hulks, Dark Hellions and Dark Berserker Demons. If you further explore the torture rooms, you will find Dark Cultists, Dark Vessels (who transform into demonic Unholy Thralls) but also chests and torture tool racks containing loot. For those interested in the story, there is a Lectern in this level, containing Leoric's Journal part 5. There is also a waypoint somewhere in this level which you can use to go to town and buy and sell stuff. So be sure to explore the whole level before taking the exit to the Highlands Passage. Most importantly, there is an event here to be found. As you explore the Halls of Agony level 2, you suddenly hear a cry for help:

Merhan: Help me, I'm trapped! In Here! in the Iron Maiden!

This unlocks a new event (Side Quest):

A Stranger in Need
Descend into the pit below

You need to rescue the man trapped in the iron maiden. Climb down the stairs and break the wooden barricade. There is a boss - Tormented Behemoth (Horror of the Pit) here. Locate the Iron Maiden and interact with it to free Merhan. He tells you that he heard rumors of vast treasure to be found down here, and he thought those treasures would be inside an Iron Maiden, and he got trapped in one of those. This completes the event, A Stranger in Need, and you get some XP and gold reward.

When you are done with the Halls of Agony Level 2, exit to Highlands Passage.