Speaking to Steelbeard about the Titan Harpoon will engage this phase of the larger quest that arcs throughout Risen 2’s story. He will tell you the name of the man who is currently in possession of the Harpoon. In order to reach him, though, it looks as if you will have to join up with the pirate crew. Steelbeard will promise to dedicate the full force of his search to finding the Titan Harpoon after you have successfully joined the ranks of scalawags. There are two parts to joining up with the pirates. First, you must distinguish yourself as worthy of joining their ranks somehow. Second, you must take a pirate oath. Who knew that pirates had such high standards?

This will involve completing at least one of several missions, listed below. The more you have completed by the time you go back to talk with Steelbeard, the better. The missions are:

Crab Slapping With Blake

Settling The Score With Hank

O’Brian’s Treasure

Pete’s Treasure Map

Free Largo

Old Grave Plundered

Night Time pursuit

The Traitor And The Beast

The Sugar Shipment

The Water Carriers

All of these quests will be covered in detail in the upcoming guides, so don’t worry if you haven’t completed them all yet. If you approach the captain without having competed all or at least some of these quests, the only accomplishment that will be taken into account is finding the location of the pirate base. Given that it’s just sitting there on the coastline, that’s not too proud of an achievement to call your own. You will want to do as many of the missions listed above as possible, not just because it will make Steelbeard respect you more, but because it will earn you plenty of Glory as well.