Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough Part 11 – St. Olibartus Chruch, Part 2

Retrieve the dropped package
Head froward into the church itself. Head forward to the left, taking cover behind the pillars, moving toward the center of the church. There will be a soldier or two in this area so be alert for them as they do not seem to show at a consistent point.

Just before you make it to the center, aim a bit upwards toward the balcony on the left. There is a German Sniper just waiting for you there. Take him out then head straight into the back of the church. Turn around and look behind the table to the right to find a Gold Bar.

Head over to the right-hand side of the church. Take the stairs up to the second level. AT the top, head over to the right and start climbing the rubble upwards. Head to the left moving forward. Pause when you get to the massive hole, where the window was, in the front of the church. Approach it and turn right to find a Gold Bar. Now keep in the loop around the church, ever climbing up to reach the roof.

When you reach the stairs wit the bell underneath them, you are almost there. At the top you get a new sniper rifle to use. This one has better zoom on top of a larger ammo clip. Of course, immediately, it is time to use it as you need to survive 3 waves of German attack.

First Wave
Comes straight in front of you. Important targets would be the Sniper in the low building across from you and any Germans who get on the machine guns. Surprisingly, they will run for the machine guns as you take them out from above. This does make it a bit easier to finish the wave out though.

Second Wave
Head down to the small window at the base of some of the rubble. There you will find another set of Germans waiting for you. Priority goes to anything at a machine gun and the APC on the right. There will also be a German who comes at you from inside the church well so do not forget about him. The APC is taken down by shooting out any of the 4 red fuel caps in the front of it. Just keep them away from machine guns and they do not have much chance of hitting you.

Third wave
This one is not as hard. All the Germans are on the ground and they are aiming up at you. Remember to take out the tank as well with a shot to the fuel cap on the back of it. That tank counts as part of the wave so, it too, needs to be destroyed.

After that the Germans are inside the church itself gunning for you. Head down slowly and keep an eye out for soldiers. Take them out quickly to keep the damage to a minimum. Take some time as you descend the stairs to lure a few soldiers over there and gun them down. After that, step along the left-hand wall. Move forward until you can get a nice rebound with a grenade and throw one to the left so it bounces off the wall and into the alcove over there. With a little luck you will take out some or most of the soldiers there in a single blast.

Head over to the open area and rest to recover some health. Time to start moving forward toward your exit point. There is one more soldier of serious concern in front of you. Kill him then dash forward to make it out of the church alive.