Guild Wars 2 Character Customization - Backgrounds



A mesmer's mask creates an image. I choose to look out from behind a ______

Harlequin's smile: It takes bravery to face your fears and seize your victories. Never let them see you without a smile.

Phantasm of Sorrow: I show the world a face lined by tragedy. Too bad you can't see behind the mask - to know whether I'm secretly laughing or not.

Fanged Dread: I'm a whisper in the night, eyes that glow in darkness. I stand in shadow, and my mask is the monster you fear.


I study all the elements, but I wear a gem that symbolizes my love of______:

Water: Water, whether frozen or flowing, is life, and its currents run deep in us.

Fire: Fire's hunger, its destructive burn, demands respect. It immolates and clears the path for new growth.

Earth: Earth is the foundation that supports all life. Stone fortifies us. Rock grounds us.

Air: Air is the source of all life. It is invisible, and yet it can destroy whole villages.


I wear _____ on the battlefield. Because of this, I am recognized and given proper respect.

Spangenhelm: My spangenhelm intimidates my enemies and inspires respect among my allies. I am nearly invulnerable when I wear it.

Cap Helm: My helm is open faced so that my enemies can see my face and look me in the eyes. They will remember who defeated them.

No Helm at all: A true warrior doesn't need a helm! My enemies will cringe and falter when they see the fearless determination on my face.


As a symbol of my dedication, I wear ____________-

Conqueror's Pauldrons: When I was young, a famed hero returning from battle stopped me and gave mt his pauldrons. Ever since, I've worn them as my own, and I make every attempt to live up to his legend. I too will be a conqueror.

Fanatic's Pauldrons: Long ago, I determined my path, and nothing will sway me from it. I'm stalwart in my beliefs and immovable in my loyalties. The weight of my pauldrons reminds me of the burdens I carry.

Visionary's Helm: Tyria is bigger than we know and filled with mystery. This helm is open, allowing me to see with clarity. With it, I seek out the world's greater truths that others fear to explore.


My most useful tool is my ________

Universal Multi-Tool Pack: It's got a wrench. It's got a scredriver. It's got a spade. It's got a lateral displacer. It doesn't matter what you need; this pack has a gadget for every situation.

Eagle-Eye Goggles: Nothing sees the world more clearly than a soaring eagle. These goggles allow its wearer to see just as well.

Pansopic Monocle: The details matter. Whether you're double-checking the wiring on your new explosives or changing the gear shaft on your favorite turret, this monocle lets you see what needs to be seen.


My pet ________ Fights at my side and guards my back.

Devourer: My devourer is a vicious and unforgiving fighter. I raised it from the egg and earned its loyalty. It will die in my defense.

Stalker: My stalker is a dear friend. It is quiet, still, and as quick as an arrow from a bow. Its intelligence shows in its eyes.

Drake: I tamed my drake when it was a hatchling. Now, it follows me everywhere. It has proven itself a relentless and powerful friend.


A necromancer's closest companion is death. In acknowledgement of this, I mark my face with the symbol of a ________

Trickster Demon: Trickster Demons from the mists find ways to enter our world and tear it apart. I, too, am a destructive force and all shall fear me.

Skull: I respect the traditions of necromancers that have gone before me. I mark my face, with the symbol of a skull to remind me that even the greatest die eventually.

Ghostly Wraith: A Wraith is a creature of energy, and its cunning helps it elude its enemies. What you cannot see can kill you.


In my line of work, it's important to understand the power of ____--

Anonymity: My talents lie in the arts of stealth, infiltration, and escape. I do not draw attention to myself. To protect my identity, I hide my face behind a mask of darkness.

Determination: I mean business. I'm the bruiser, the muscle, the bear you don't want to poke. My headband keeps my vision clear, no matter how physical I get.

Subterfuge: A mask draws attention, and an uncovered face allows people to identify you. I prefer a more subtle subterfuge. A drawn hood lets me blend into the crowd, and no one knows I was there.


Trouble may follow me, but I use my ____ to overcome it

Charm: I'm charming. No one can resist me when I'm at my best. I know just what to say to lighten the mood or bolster courage.

Dignity: I'm dignified even when up to my ears in mud. It's what makes people respect me. A serious, thoughtful demeanor is the route to success.

Ferocity: I'm ferocious. Threatening violence gets me further than anything else. I'm a natural though I do try to use my powers of intimidation for good.