You leave the workshops area to find yourself in a small storage room The door shuts behind you, and the room begins to flood. A monster bangs on the metal door trying to break in,

IMPORTANT: You have to act fast. The room is being flooded and if you don't get out quickly you will die.

Silent Hill: Downpour Death Scene

 Follow the instructions below.

There are two shelves in this room, one with a quarter dollar coin and another with shotgun shells. Grab those two items. Then take the crate and drag it under the vent cover. Climb the crate,  open you inventory and use the quarter dollar to unscrew the vent cover. Once it's unlocked go through the lid and crawl as fast as you can. The monster is chasing you, it could be the Bogeyman. Soon you fall down, and a dream scene triggers. You do have control of Shepard while in this sequence. It starts off Black and White but then switches to color. It looks like a prison riot in the dining hall, the prisoners soon become screamers and you find yourself at the day room of the Overlook Penitentiary.. Use your access card on the card readers to the west. Slide thorough the gate.

Go to the north and around, and exit the area. There is a gun rack with a shotgun on it in the next room. There is also a mystery note -Whistleblower's Letter -  inside one of the lockers

From: Frank Coleridge

To: Captain Handley
Sir, as you know, I have been a Corrections Officer at Ryall State Prison for nearly 20 years. During my tenure, I have been witness to questionable behavior by my fellow guards, but never to the degree that I have observed over the last six months.
Most notably, the gross misconduct that I have witnessed by Corrections Officer George Sewell deserves immediate attention. C.O. Sewell has been engaged in a number of reprehensible activities, including drug trafficking, blackmail, coercion and violence against prisoners. As a long-time veteran of the prison guard staff, I refuse to turn a blind-eye to his transgressions.
Please accept this letter as an official request to open an internal investigation of C.O. Sewell and any other guards who may be aiding him in these illegal acts. I am willing to formally submit my testimony in writing and/or in person to the investigative committee.
Frank Coleridge
Senior Corrections Officer

There is another piece of paper on the table - Newspaper Headline:

Today in the News
SILENT HILL - Wednesday
Internal investigation underway, federal intervention expected

A song on the radio plays, "Why Me Lord" by Kris Kristofferson. You can listen or switch the radio off. There is a first aid kit on the wall shelves to the north. There are two flight of stairs going down.  One of them leads to a dead end, but there are shotgun shells inside a locker you can open. Then, take the other stairs and proceed through the corridor.