Tales of Graces F Walkthrough Part 60 – Eleth Research Laboratory, Part 2

Head on through the blocks after that to get to the other side. Head forward to the North and open the door on the western side. Head through to the corridor into the next room to find the Control Room. Head into the Southeast corner to find a chest with 2 pieces of Rosemary inside it. Continue to the West after that into the next room, The Eleth Research Laboratory. Head on through it to the the West then turn North to find the next Machine Puzzle

Machine Puzzle 2
Raise Blue twice
Lower Yellow twice

Head across the blocks and to the second control panel to the East of the next door. Here, reset the puzzle.

Machine Puzzle 2, Part 2
Raise Yellow once
Raise Blue twice
Lower Red once

Head back onto the blocks and collect the chest. It contains a Gas Control Lever. Collect that, then return to the console and result the puzzle to the first solution. Now head all the way to the South. You will eventually find a large purple gas cloud. Approach the control device along the Northern wall and interact with it. The Gas Control Lever will be used and you will be able to collect the nearby chest that has Magic Carta #78. Now return to the North and keep going that way to find an elevator at the far end of the next room. Take it upwards.

You arrive in the Laboratory Room. Head out of it and to the East. There is a cutscene, explaining something of another side of the story of Fodra. Continue to the East to find a Save Point. Approach it for the skit, “A Few of Her Favorite Things”. Now head up to the nearby elevator and ride it down. At the bottom, head all the way to the South. Head into the room to the West. Just inside, not too far from the door, you will find a chest with 1000 units of Eleth. Just next to it is a Save Point. Approach it for the skit, “Bearer of Bad Tidings”. Approach the device in the center of the room for the “Core-Sample Log”. This opens up the skit, “Scent of a Woman”. After that, head through to West into the next part of the Control Room.

Head to the North in this section of the room. Another cutscene runs followed quickly by a fight.

Weaknesses: Beast, Amorphous, Human, Spirit

This thing is doing the party no favors. It has a sizable pool of HP (~120,000 ). It's Cryas and Physical Defenses are close, but it has slightly stronger Physical Defense than Cryas. Avoid, as much as possible, being in front of it. It can unleash a tri-beam attack which inflicts a nice bit of damage. It can also swipe at nearby targets but it is not nearly as damaging. It can pull off a spell but it is also easy to interrupt by hitting it a few times.

After the battle, Pascal will go at one of the Humanoids and we all learn a little more about Sophie. It does hint at the person who wants to talk with Sophie. It also hints at Emaraudes involvement and a bit more about “The Little Queen”. This followed shortly by an appearance by “The Little Queen”.

Quickly head over to the nearby chest to claim the Magic Carta #76. After that, hurry to the West then turn to the North in the wider area. There you will find an elevator. Take it up then head South out of it. Break East then turn South at the Control Panel and continue South to the next room. The final stretch is nothing but a huge maze of laser blasts. Move quickly but carefully to make it on through. Do yourself a favor and heal if your party takes a lot of damage. After that, is another cutscene where the party dashes over to their shuttle and makes a narrow escape.