Diablo 3 Character Creation

Choose your class

Primary Attribute: Strength
This stoic warrior uses tremendous physical strength to crush foes
The Barbarian moves aggressively, unleashing multitude of attacks on enemies
Tough and unyielding, Barbarians tower above other warriors, using their rage and physical ability to crush their enemies in close quarters
Fury drives the Barbarian's assault and is generated in the thick of combat by dealing and receiving damage

Demon Hunter
Primary Attribute: Dexterity
Ranged weaponry and shadow manipulation makes this vengeful hero an elusive stalker of demons.
The Demon hunter uses a variety of traps and escape skills to evade the grasp of foes
Lethal and agile, Demon Hunters move fluidly across the battlefield, maneuvering into position to strike their enemies from a distance
The Demon Hunter's attacks are powered by the dual forces of Hatred and Discipline. Hatred is rapidly regenerated, but Discipline is slowly recovered.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity
A holy warrior who attacks faster than the eye can follow, disabling enemies with precision blows.
Holy and elemental magic infused the Monk with the ability to heal and deliver crippling damage to adversaries
Quick and agile, Monks are master of martial arts, employing their blinding speed to pummel their foes while dodging their enemies' attacks
The force of Spirit powers the Mon's abilities. Spirit is gained through the Monk's primary attacks.

Witch Doctor
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
A manipulator of the forces of life and death, this shrewd caster wields the power of the spirits in astounding ways.
With a wide range of offensive spells to choose from, the Witch Doctor doesn't shirk from the fray
Wise and cunning, the Witch Doctors draw upon the magic of the spirits and summon creatures from beyond the grave.
The Witch Doctor utilizes the power of Mana to cast devastating spells.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence
A master of the temporal and elemental energies powering creation itself
The wizard can inflict, withstand and avoid damage with a vast and formidable array of directed area spells.
Powerful and elusive, Wizards wield magic by creating protective shields and unleashing spells that rain destruction upon their enemies.
The Wizard draws on Arcane Power, a quickly regenerating resource, to cast spells.

Choose between male character and female character. This is for aesthetic purposes only and has no impact on stats.

Hardcore Hero
Hardcore heroes are only available after reaching level 10 in Normal Mode

Enter Hero Name
Hero names may not contain numbers, punctuation, or other invalid characters. Please use either letters (a-z, A-Z) OR valid characters for your locale.

After you name your character, click on "Create Hero" to advance to the main screen, where you can start game, change quest, join public games, visit the auction house, switch hero,  view profile (statistics for heroes),  browse achievements and rewards, access the game menu to change your system and gameplay settings or log out of Diablo III,  join Public Chat to chat with other players to find some new friends to play games with, or access the social panel to view friends, friend requests, and recent players.