You find yourself in Overlook Penitentiary. All your inventory is gone.  Your objective now is to escape from the prison. After leaving the cell, turn right. Check adjacent empty cells for useful weapons. When you reach the corner, stop and note a small piece of paper drifting. Wait for it to land, and pick up the mystery item, a handwritten note that says:

7pm - Showers
Be ready

 When you approach a steel beam, it starts to collapse. You might be able to cross over on this. Go to the beam and push it. As you cross the beam, there appears to be some sort of prison riot below. Hold it together. When you reach the center platform, climb down the ladder. There is a first aid kit and fire axe in this area. There is a locked door there too. You need another keycard to open it. Go to the stairs, but before climbing down, be sure to grab the Overlook Penitentiary maps from a rack on the wall near the staircase.  Then go down a floor,

In this level, you find a mystery item on the desk, a Ryall State Prison Psychological Report from Dr Wayne Sara, Chief Psychiatrist to Warden Glen Milton.

There is also a boarded up painting which you can clear using your fire axe, as well as a five dial safe. This is a PUZZLE. The answer to the JAIL SAFE PUZZLE is brought to you below.

Solution to Overlook Penitentiary Prison Safe Puzzle

Examine the portrait. It has six mug shots of prisoners, including you. The prisoners listed there are Abraham Layne, Bradley Leeman, Brian Purell, Marty Kayson, Jerry Redford, and Murphy Pendleton. Each mugshot shows a prisoner holding a sign with his prisoner ID, but your ID is scratched out. On top of the 5 dial safe, it says "INSERT CODE". The code is actually located on the back of your inmate uniform! It says "OP11-752". The OP on Murphy's jumpsuit stands for "Overlook Penitentiary", and "11-752" is the combination. Putting it in is a bit tricky though. The way you do it depends on your puzzle difficulty. Each difficulty level will have an increasing number of trick dials that turn when you turn another dial. Follow the sequence in the guide below EXACTLY to open the safe. If you make a mistake, just leave the safe to reset the puzzle. Starting position is "42416" and ending position is "11752". See below how the mugshot safe looks like just before it unlocks:

Jail Safe Puzzle Silent Hill Downpour

Turn dial #1 to the right, three clicks
Turn dial #2 to the right, just one click
Turn dial #3 to the left, three clicks
Turn dial #4 to the left, two clicks
Turn dial #5 to the left, four clicks

Turn dial #3 to the right, 2 clicks
Turn dial #2 to the right, one click.
Turn knob #4 left 2 clicks
Turn dial #5 left four clicks
Turn dial #1 right three clicks

Turn dial #3 to the right, 2 clicks.
Turn dial #2 to the right (one click only)
Turn dial #4 one click to the right
Turn dial #5 four clicks to the right
Turn dial #1 a single click to the left

The safe opens. Inside, you find the following items:

Small Key
A key to open the prison gun racks

Quarter Dollar
Could be handy.

Use the small key to unlock the weapon racks near the picture and obtain a shotgun.