Tales of Graces F Walkthrough Part 52 – Ghardia Shaft: Depths – Part 1

*As the compass is flipped, directions are used instead

Head Down and Right from the second Warp to find a Warp. Take this one to find another Arithmos Core. Now head Up and Right, back to the Warp you used to arrive in this area.

Choose to return to the previous floor to return to the Multiple Warp Area. Now head to the East here to find another of the robots that need an Arithmos Core. This revives Symphonion.

Weaknesses: Bird, Fiend, Nova, Slow

Again, slow with a lot of power behind it. Mix in its 110,000 + HP and this takes some time. Aside from those notes, Symphonion is identical to the other machines activated by the Arithmos Core.

Victory gives you the Uroboros Shotstaff for Pascal.

Now head all the way over to the West. You will find one more robot to activate with the Arithmos Core: Phantasion

Weaknesses: Beast, Fiend, Nova, Burn

This one is really weak to B-Artes. It still hits like a Tank. It still does have 100,000+ HP but nothing as bad as the one before. Victory here gives you the Undertaker for Malik.

With those weapons collected, head to the North and back into the Depths.

Head Left to the next Warp. Just follow the Warp Path forward for now. When you reach the split in the path after the second Warp, head Left and Up. Go Left here then Upwards when you can to find a Chest to the South with 870 units of Eleth inside. After that, simply continue to the Left and Up. You will eventually come to face a Large, white beast that is standing in your path.

Weaknesses: Insect, Fiend, Nova, Aerial, Shot, Burn

Attack favoring A-Artes. They are fairly good at avoid attacking but not perfect about it. Avoid being in front of them as they will spam a whirlwind that knocks whoever is there over.

Just continue to the Left and Up. You will find the final Save Point through a couple more Warps. Pause at the Save Point for the skit, “What We Fight For”. Head North to the Warp there, you are given a chance to turn around. There is no going back until you beat the game now.

Weaknesses: Human, Nova, Slash, Freeze

With well over 100,000 HP, this going to be a fight. Favor your B-Artes above everything else for this fight as his Physical Defense is high. Be sure that everyone is attacking with Nova Element attacks or has their title equipped that lets them break Nova Barriers. Just like before, given a chance to use Eleth Burst, he will unleash Divinity Blade on the nearest person. It does not seem to do as much damage but keep an eye on their HP for a while after. His other attacks seem to include a localized burst around him, twin shots at 45 degrees from his front along with the usual assortment of swipes and stabs. It is worth noting that when Richard establishes his Nova Barrier, there is a Wail or Howl sound. Listen for it and then unleash a Nova attack.

There is a cutscene with the final twist. You are taken into the Menu screen to prepare for the final battle.

Lambda Angelus
Weaknesses: Fiend, Nova, Strike, Slash, Shot, Impact. Weaker against A-Artes

At just over 163,000 HP, this is not an easy fight. He boast powerful physical attacks and moderate cryas attacks. On top of all that, most of his attacks and inflict status conditions. Be careful to keep the party healthy as Lambda does have an Eleth Burst attack which hits a huge area around him and does massive damage. He has a beam that will start hitting about a quarter of the area away, is capable of calling a storm of boulders to fall around him, can grab and squeeze any party members who are in front of him. Another devestating attack to watch for is when he quickly summons a dark circle in front of his chest. This unleashes a large number of bolts of dark energy that are damaging on top of having a good chance to inflict a status.. He can also unleash his beam horizontally, with himself as the center. It is also important to note that when he erects his Nova Barrier, he does with a blast of red wind around himself. It will knock anyone nearby him down and away. Still, just pound at him using your best tactics and attacks.

This completes the Main Arc of Tales of Graces F!