Tales of Graces F Walkthrough Part 49 – Ghardia Shaft Part 2

At the end of the Warp, start to the East. Take a quick detour South to find a chest with 3 Holy Bottles. Now resume your trek to the East. Turn South and you will find another Elevator to take you lower into the Shaft.

Head to the East from here. Now head to the Northwest to claim the chest there. This has a Book of Fortitude inside it. This tome, inside your mixer, cuts the damage you receive in combat in half. Each hit will drain eleth so be warned of just how much it can use. Now head to the East and stop at the Save Point briefly. Approach it allows you to access the skit, “All Smiles”. Save and head to the East. Take the lift. At the top you will find another robot that you can put an Arithmos Core into. This one is Destinion.

Weaknesses: Dragon, Fiend, Nova, Paralysis. Very Weak to A-Artes

Much like that last Abysseon, this one swings like a beast but has a weakness. Assaulting it with A-Artes will inflict a lot more damage here. Attack it using a good combination of its elemental weaknesses and it will go down at a fair pace. Still, it has a massive amount of HP. At the end of this fight you will get the Omniweapon Fists for Sophie. Equip them immediately as they are very powerful but have a broad CC range (7-18!)

Head back to the level below and take the Southern fork now. Loot the chest here as it has 7830 gald inside it. Time for a massive floor puzzle:

Colored Floor Puzzle 2
1 - Head North, West, North twice, West, North twice. This leads to a chest with an Hourglass inside it.

2 - Head West and South twice. This gives you another Arithmos Core.

3 - Head South twice to get a chest with a Red Lavender inside it

4 - Turn West just once for some chests. The top one has an Elixir inside it and the bottom one has 2 Life Bottles

5 Head North twice, West, then North. This leads to a chest with a Red Rosemary inside it.

Continue to the West and take the lift to the next section of the Shaft.

Head to the East to reach another Wall. This one has memories of Lambda, Cornell and Emaruade. After that scene, you can access the skit, “Glimspes of the Past, Part 1”.  Continue to the East and go South. You will find a Save Point and you can access another skit, “Emeraude's Mistake”.

Take more time to head North now. First you will find a chest with a Mastery Tonic C inside it. At the top of it you will find a giant machine. Investigate it to for the “Gigantic Drill” discovery and the skit, “A Piece of History”. Now turn to the Southeast and make your way to the Warp there.