After defeating the Bogeyman at the lake, getting the boat keys, and escaping St. Maria's Monastery, you now find yourself outside again, in the border of Chastain Heights and the Pleasant River district. Head north on Rice St. Near the intersection of Rice and Brite St, there is a parked van. Search it to retrieve a shotgun, and a painting needed for the side quest "The Art Collector", then keep going northeast and through the underpass.

Ashes to Ashes Quest Map

Silent Hill Downpour Map for Ashes to Ashes

1: Quest Start, Urn, Safe
2: Quest End, Bench

As Rice Streets curves right, locate a two story building on the north side of the street, just before the docks area. Enter this building through the front door. Search the first floor, and on one of the tables you find a photo, taken somewhere in the docks. Murphy says that it Looks like this was a special place to somebody.

There is also a placard on the wall: "Silent Hill Senior Bowling League. First place award presented to Patrick Wearden"

Keep exploring the house. Go up to the 2nd floor. Open the door to enter the master bedroom. There is a note on the bed:

Kiemen & Fox Funeral Services
Since 1910
Funeral Announcement
You are cordially invited to attend the funeral for:
Alison Elaine Wearden (1923-1999)
Memorial Services will be conducted at 11:00am Tuesday morning, November 9,1999
at the Perkins Funeral Home
Followed by Graveside Services
at Monroe Cemetery at 1:00pm.

On a dresser in the corner, there is an Urn.

Funeral urn filled with ashes

Pick it up to start the sidequest "Ashes to Ashes".

Ashes to Ashes
Too sad. Someone should scatter their ashes at their favorite spot. But where...?

Your objective is to scatter their ashes at their special place, which is the location seen in the photograph.

Exit the house, and go to the east and around the building onto the docks (see map at the beginning of this guide). Keep going north and locate a bench. Open your inventory, and scatter the ashes on the bench.

You get the following trophy/achievement:

Dust to Dust
Completed the "Ashes to Ashes" side quest.

You also get to see a number, 16814, inscribed on the bench. Go back to the house, and enter the room adjacent to the master bedroom where you found the vase. Use the number combination to open the safe.

Pleasant River Safe Puzzle Solution

Silent Hill Downpour Safe Puzzle Pleasant River

The code is "16814", but some number dials move when you turn a different dial. Follow this solution in the EXACT sequence to open the safe.

On Normal Difficulty:
Turn right Dial 1 to: 1 (three clicks)
Turn left Dial 2 to: 6 (four clicks)
Dial 3: Should now be set at 8, do not touch
Dial 4: Turn it left two clicks, it should now be at 1
Dial 5: Turn it right two clicks, it should now be at 4

On Easy Difficulty:
Turn dial 1 right to: 1 (three clicks)
Turn dial 2 left to: 6 (four clicks)
Turn dial 3 left, four clicks
Turn dial 4 left, two clicks
Turn dial 5 right, to 4 (two clicks)

On Hard difficulty:
Start with dial #2, turn it four clicks to the left
Turn dial #5 two clicks to the right
Do not turn Dial #4
Turn Dial #3 one click to the right
Then dial #1 one click to the right, to "4".

Safe should now open. In it you find a colt gun as the reward for completing this side quest.