Tales of Graces F Walkthrough Part 33 – Fendel Tower

Head up and out of the Laboratory. You get a cutscene with Pascal getting advice from the party. Now it is time to head back to the Zavhert. Be sure to stop by the Save Point that is nearby the bridge to Zavhert as it lets you access a skit, “Practice Makes Perfect”. This also gives Sophie the “Pact Adherent” title. Now head back into Zavhert

Once inside, you get another cutscene. Malik tells the party where to find the Official. Now what it is needed is to figure out a way inside. Head East and there you will find a frustrated (appears as a bubble above him) Young Man. Talk with him to learn you need a Security Pass to get into Fendel Tower. Now backtrack to the Turtlez Merchant and head down the nearby stairs. Follow those back to entrance of town. Along the way you will find a Gold Star that . This triggers a short cutscene revealing more of Malik's Past. Continue to the Southwest and turn to the North as soon as possible. Talk with the couple of people talking with the same icon above them. Interact with them to learn that there are Amarcians around. Head into the Inn for the skit, “Plan B” as soon as you walk inside. After that, interact with the Gold Star in front of you. This gives another scene about Malik's past. Now head back to the South, toward the entrance of town. Head to the Northwest and look for a Frustrated Woman, who should only be a bit south of the stairs from the Turtlez Merchant. Talk with her and she will ask you to check in on the girl who works for the Ministry of Science. There you will meet Fermat who lends you her Security Pass. Now, head back to the Inn and rest up. This triggers another cutscene with Asbel and Hubert. Now, rested, head outside the Inn and go North to Fendel Tower

Fendel Tower
Once you enter Malik will receive the “Youthful Revolutionary” title. Just to the right of the stairs you will find a chest. Inside it is 3 Peach Gels. Now head through the Double Doors to get inside. Head forward to the Save Point to gain access to the skit, “Convincing Kurt”. After that, head to the East, down the stairs for the Maintenance Elevator. It is underneath the White Stairs, by the Porter who is just wandered underneath them. Take it on up.

Floor 39
Head West and head into the Dark Hallway to the left of the stairs.

Floor 40
Head up the stairs and start going to the East. Go to the end of this Hallway and use the nearby lift to ride up to the next portion of it. Head West, crossing the gaps using the metal platforms that are at the edges. Take the next lift up a section. Hug against the Northern Wall to get over to the nearby chest which contains 3500 gald. Now use the lift next to the chest to move the one to the right over it over to you. Now ride the lift to the East and start going to the South.

In the next room you will approached by a maintenance worker as you move South who comments on the guards. Continue on and talk with them to learn that there is another guard, to the Northwest that is blocking everyone. Approach and talk with him, either choice is a good option. Now return to the Guards you passed by the stairs and talk with them. They will clear out the guard who was blocking your progress. Head into the Dark Hallway in front of you.

Floor 41
Head over to the Red Pipes to the East. Turn the one on the Right to advance using the nearby Lift. When get up, open the chest to the West as it has an Hourglass. Continue to the West after that, using the pipes against the wall. Now ride the metal platform back to the East and head back West along the pipes. Take the next Red Metal Platform to the West and use the Lift to get to the next section. Interact with the first Red Pipe to shut down the first of steam blocking your way. Do the same for the next one wit the Red Pipe next to it. Now head over to the next Red Metal Platform. Once you are next to it, you can access the skit, “Panel Discussion”. This means taking a quick moment to re-engage the Steam you just turned off. Use the nearby Western Red Metal Platform to head back to the left. Turn on the Red Pipes in the opposite order: First the one on the Piping, then the one on the landing. After that, take the Red Metal Platform back to the East. Now ride the Red Metal Lift up.

Floor 42
Head to the East and take the Lift up a section. Turn off the Red Pipe by the lift, then take the Red Metal Platform over to the West. Turn off the Second Red Pipe then ride the Red Metal Platform back to the East. Turn back on the second Pipe and take the next Red Metal Platform to the West. Head up to the next section. Investigate the strange white next by the lift for the “Frozen Nest” discovery and the skit, “Revisionist History”. Now it is time to deal with a mass of steam. Turn off the Red Pipes on the left and right to clear the top section of the piping for you. Head to the East and turn to the South to reach the next screen. In this room, there is a Young Man who gives you multiple Gels to deliver to the Soldiers on this floor. There are 4 that yell out which one they want then come charging forward, mixing themselves up.

Officer Puzzle: Top – Down

Head to the West and go into the next Dark Hallway

Floor 43
Head across to the West and take the lift up to the next section. Head to the East along the bottom of the platform. Take the Red Metal Platform over to the next screen. Continue to the East across the next Red Metal Platform. Head all the way to the East, using the lower pipe, to get at the chest there with an Eleth Bottle C inside it. Now backtrack a little and take the Lift down a section. Head to the West and take the Lift there down another section. Head over to the chest to find 3 Life Bottles. Now head back up one section and cross to the next screen to the East.

Take the nearby Lift down a section. Here you can collect a chest with 2 Grape Gels inside. Now take the platform back up. Head to the East and take the Lift down a section. Here, stop in the middle and investigate the pile of scrap for the “Treasure Trove” discovery, a Common Metal and the skit, “High Maintenance”. Now take the nearby Lift down. Hit the Save Point to your right for the skit, “Falso Bravado”. Now exit to the East.

In this room head over to the Southeast exit. There you need to plow through one last batch of guards. Head through to the next room. Go up the stairs and to the North through the big red doors. Head forward to trigger a cutscene. Open the chest by the desk for some Chamomile. Approach the star for another cutscene with Mailk's past. Now go around the room and talk with everyone. Once you have down that, check the desk for another scene.

Take a moment to head back into the Tower. Use the Main Elevator to reach Floor 41.  Head into the Dark Hallway to the left and up to the chest on Floor 43. The chest contains a pair of Platinum Frames.  Now head back to Zavhert.