Silent Hill: Downpour Endings List

There are two factors affecting which ending you will get:

Spare or Kill Anne Cunningham: In the final scene, you can choose whether to kill Cunningham, or spare Cunningham.

Good/Bad Score:
This is calculated based on your actions, choices, and decisions in the game. There is no way to really see what it is, but here are the events that affect it:

Incapacitated monsters: When you hurt a monster and it is incapacitated, you can keep hitting it until it is dead, or you can spare it. If you kill the monster, you get negative points. If you spare it, you get positive points

Cunningham Chasm scenario: When Cunningham was about to fall down to the deep ravine, you could have either tried to help her, or let her fall. If you tried to help her, it raises your good/bad score (Karma Score). If you did not try to help her, that score got lowered.

JP Sater Suicide: If you talked nicely to JP Sater before he jumped, you get plus points. If you taunted him, you get minus points.

You start off at 0. At the end, you can get a good ending or bad ending depending on whether you have less than 0 or more than 0 points. Less than 0 points means a bad ending, while more than 0 points means a good ending. This, along with whether you spare her or kill her at the end, determines the final ending:

Ending A: Forgiveness - Spared her, Good ending

SIlent Hill: Downpour Ending A: Forgiveness

Anne Cunningham realizes that it was George Sewell, not you, who murdered her father, Frank Coleridge. You tell her it was still your fault though but that you are sorry. She says she forgives you and hugs you. You are now back outside, at the crash area, near the lake. Ryall County Search & Rescue is trying to contact Officer Cunningham on the radio. They report that they have located all prisoners except for one: Pendleton, Murphy. She decides not to turn you in, and instead tells them that you are dead, so that you can escape and live your life again.

Ending B: Truth and Justice - Spared her, Evil ending

Silent Hill: Downpour Truth and Justice Ending

Officer Anne Cunningham understands it was not you who killed her father. She forgives you. You hug. You find yourselves outside again, in the crash site. The radio asks all units to respond, Ryall Prison DOC bus involved in a TC, fatalities eastbound 73, Fire and Rescue en route.  You tell Cunningham that you better go. She asks where you are going to, and you tell her that there is some place you have got to be. She thanks you for the truth. The cutscene then shows her walking in the prison corridors. She goes to see George Sewell. She hides a gun behind her back, implying that she plans on shooting him, although the scene ends and we don't see what happens.

Ending C: Full Circle - Killed her, Good ending

SIlent Hill: Downpour Ending C: Full Circle

You become George Sewell for a moment. You can't live with yourself being him, so you pick up the gun and point it to your head. You wake up in a jail cell, the man in the wheelchair is outside. You beg him to let you go, and that it is all a mistake.

Ending D: Execution - Killed her, Evil ending

Silent Hill: Downpour Execution Ending D

"Assembled here to witness the state's execution of Murphy Pendleton. Sentenced for the murder of his seven year old son. The couple had divorced four years earlier. And prosecutors believe Pendleton drowned his son Charlie, in retaliation for his ex-wife seeking sole custody. More recently, Pendleton was tried and convicted for the murder of decorated officer Frank Coleridge, during a Ryall State Prison riot, which expedited Pendleton's execution sentence amidst public furor." George Sewell tells you that this is it, and asks you if you have any last words. You tell him "Yeah. I'll see you in hell...cupcake".

Ending E: Surprise - This is a secret ending, unlocked only after playing the game for a second time. In this second playthrough, you need to complete the "Digging up the Past" side quest.

Downpour Ending E: Surprise!

You manage to dig your way out of prison. You emerge in a dark room. Suddenly, the lights turn on and people yell "Surprise!". George Sewell, Anne Cunningham, Frank Coleridge, DJ Bobby Ricks,  and your son Charlie are amongst the people in this surprise party. You say "Aww, you guys". A pyramid head monster with a big blade cuts the cake in half.

Trivia: The song played in this ending is Here Be Monsters by Ed Harcourt

Ending F: Reversal - You get this ending if you get killed during the end.

Silent Hill: Downpour Ending F: Reversal

Anne Cunningham is in a prison cell. You are a prison guard. You are George Sewell, and she is Murphy Pendleton. The day of the transfer starts over.