After you are done exploring Chastain Heights, and doing all the side quests (optional) such as the movie theater sidequest, the gramophone sidequest, and the Shadow Play sidequest, it is time to advance the main story and proceed to St Marias Monastery. The entrance to the monastery in through a gate, west of the hardware store.

You arrive at the monastery door, and a cutscene begins. You knock on the door, and a nun asks if she can help you. You tell her that you are Murphy Pendleton and that you received the letter today but you think there has been a mistake. The nun tells you that they have been expecting you. You were the only family they were able to locate. Your presence is very welcome.

She understands this must be very confusing for you. They checked the records carefully, and there is no mistake. The nun invites you to come in, and opens the door. You enter the monastery. She tells you he died peacefully and is finally at rest. He didn't leave much behind, but his few personal effects are yours to claim. You ask her what happened here, if there was an earthquake. She tells you that she will meet you in the morgue in the east wing when you're ready. In the meantime, she tells you to feel free to look around.

You start at the monastery's vestibule. There is a billboard there but nothing important on it. Open the door in front of you and enter the main hall. Get the St. Maria's Maps from a wall to the left. There is a small room to the south, it has a first aid kit. Grab it, then go through a crack in the wall to find yourself in the lodge. Turn your UV flashlight on to reveal some footprints and other clues. Search the dresser for a box of pistol bullets.

There is a bookshelf against the wall, and Murphy thinks there is something behind it. Go to the side of the book case and pull it. You reveal a secret passage behind it, wish what appear to be some prison cells and gas pipes.  Go to the end of the passage. There is a red curtain there, and you see a shadowy figure murder another person with an axe. The red curtains open. There is a body on the ground with a fire axe stuck inside it. Pull the axe out of the corpse. As soon as you do so, a bunch of dolls and shadows appear. Because of the number of enemies, you should retreat back to the main hall. After arriving at the main hall, if you try and go back to the passage, you find that it is now sealed and a new fireaxe has spawned near where the passage entry was.

There is a boarded up door to the left, with signs near it saying "Hospice" and "Mortuary". Use your fire axe to break open the door. There will be a brief cutscene where a monster climbs up from the crater in the main hall. You enter the door and close it behind you. There is another cutscene. You watch a child play with a toy cop car through some bars on a locked door. You ask the kid if he lives here, but he tells you that the Sister said they are not supposed to talk to strangers. You ask the kid if he can unlock the door. The boy ignores you. You tell him that the car he is playing with is cool, and ask him if he likes cars. You say that your little boy used to play with cars just like that. You tell the kid that he kind of reminds you of your little boy.

Silent Hill Downpour St Marias Monastery

The kid asks if your son is dead. You tell him he is. The child then asks if you were the one who killed your boy, but you tell him that of course not and ask him why would he say something like that. The boy says that "She" told him that you are the bogeyman. You hear a faint female voice crying, and you ask the boy why is she crying, who is she. The boy does not know, just some girl, she's always sad, but she knows things. You ask the boy what kind of things, and he tells you that she knows things about the boogeyman.

You tell the kid that you won't lie to him, grownups tell kids that there's no such thing as monsters, that the bogeyman's just make believe, and there's nothing hiding under their beds. But that's a lie. Because you have seen them, and you have a feeling the kid saw them too. But you assure the kid that you are not one of them you are not the bogeyman, and suggest that all three of you get out of here. The boy asks you if you know the rhyme, a secret rhyme that makes the bogeyman go away. If you say it fast enough, he can't hurt you. You tell him that you don't know the rhyme, but if there is a rhyme that can do that, you hope the kid can teach it to you. The kid thinks again that you are the bogeyman. You tell him to look at you, you are not a monster, to which the kid replies, "not yet".

Your objective now is to learn the Bogeyman Rhyme.