Relics of the Chozo

While this particular album has been out for quite a while, as the first OC ReMix album, it is more than deserving of some attention. Currently celebrating their 10th Anniversary, OC ReMix, is perhaps one of the best known for Video game ReMixes. The idea behind the site is to provide quality reinterperations of the various songs found in games. Some ReMixes feature various songs, creating some amazing and unique medleys and reinterperations. No few of my favorite tunes have come from this site, like "Dreams Come True" (Mega Man X), "Malicious Fingers" (Sonic 3), "Eres Des Points" (Final Fantasy VI) and "Pillar of Salt" (Xenogears) among many others. This was the first Collaberation Album, featuring 9 different ReMix artists, to take on any one game's soundtrack. Since, this site has released numerous albums, like "Humans + Gears", "Project Chaos" or "Hedgehog Heaven", most offering a fair number of tracks that were later submitted to the site itself. Each offers something different, sometimes even taking a very well covered song and giving it a completely different twist.

This album presents a unique take on music that is not seen terribly often. Each of the tracks essentially bleeds into the next, making it either one album or one long song, depending on your point of view. It presents a very ambient and atmospheric take on the music. Many tracks are simply premeated by their underlying feel. The album itself follows the story of the game well, keeping it to the haunted and mysterious feeling of Planet Zebes. It begins with a soft and gentle rising opening, easing you into what is to come. Often, the transition between "Premonitions of Fell Purpose" and "So It Begins ..." just slips by and one will not notice until the next melody has been running for several seconds, even with its fade out. Many of the tracks use this technique to shift from one to the next. While it does maintain the feel, some times it is almost like a track break. The feelings in the music change with the tracks, some tracks working very well to simply segway into the next one or to work to further the story behind the music.

"Perceived By Cold Intelligence", "Escaping Retribution" and "The Galaxy Is At Peace" are perhaps my favorite tracks from the album. "Perceived By Cold Intelligence" for its opening then transition into the fight music with Mother Brain, complete with some of the sound effects fo the Baby Metroid. The song radically changes at this point, going from a slower pace to a much faster tempo, with a staccato lead and rock guitar style riffs and wails in the back. Things continue to evolve as the track goes on, much like the battle with Mother Brain herself. At the midpoint the song changes up, the guitar taking the lead position aggressively. Eventually, it comes to an end, and well done with the guitar at that, bringing in the next song. "Escaping Retribution" seems to take things, pick up the pace and really just bring home the same urgent sense one gets while running out of Zebes to avoid a very grisly fate. Concluding with "The Galaxy Is At Peace", brings the same sense of relief, with the return of gentle tones and a mellow sound. Much of the song stays true to what happens during the ending, seeing Samus emerge from her suit with and your total completion of item collection.

This album is a wonderful thing to listen to, even many years after its release. While some may not like all of it, it does deserve a fair listening, especially if one enjoyed Super Metroid.

The first collaboration album made by the Remix Community of OC ReMix. It covers Super Metroid, streaming together 19 wonderful tracks.

1. Protricity - Premonition Of Fell Purpose (Title)
2. Vigilante - So It Begins ... (Intro Theme)
3. Suzumebachi and Protricity - Hostile Abduction (First Battle Theme)
4. Protricity - Putting Down On Zebes (Crateria Raining)
5. Protricity - Evil Aroused (Crateria Underground)
6. Protricity - Full Of Life (Brinstar 1)
7. Prophecy - Unsettling Nature (Miniboss Theme)
8. Daniel Baranowsky and Protricity - Transversing the Beyond (Crateria Surface)
9. Protricity - Vast Inner Depths Of Brinstar (Brinstar 2)
10. Protricity - Sudden Death (Second Battle Theme)
11. Protricity - A Change And A Passing (Chozo Tourian)
12. Children Of The Monkey Machine - Metal Fatigue (Wrecked Ship Theme)
13. Avien - Noumenon (Maridia 2 Theme)
14. Protricity - Ebb Tide Manifest (Maridia 1)
15. Children Of The Monkey Machine - Pyroclastica (Norfair 1)
16. Adhesive Boy - Braving the Flames (Norfair 2)
17. Protricity and Zyko - Perceived By Cold Intelligence (Mother Brain)
18. Protricity - Escaping Retribution (Escape)
19. Daniel Baranowsky - The Galaxy Is At Peace... (Ending)

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