From the Centennial Building Garage, you take the service elevator to the 1st floor. You hear an automated announcement: "Welcome to the Silent Hill archive and library". You exit the elevator to some kind of storage area. Make your way through the maze of crates. Some of the boxes will move randomly. Keep going, then climb over a crate that's blocking the way. Use your weapon to break some boards that are blocking the entryway. In the next room there is a Screamer, so be prepared. After defeating the Screamer, push a movable crate to discover a secret area behind. There is a first aid kit on a shelf in this hidden area.

Go back and open the door to enter the library. Grab the map of the 1st floor from the wall. The balcony in front of you will collapse as you proceed. Make sure your flashlight is in UV mode. If not, a prompt on the screen will remind you that you can reveal additional clues with the UV light. On one of the shelves there is a book about Rome and other classical civilizations. A Weeping Bat will attack you as you explore some more of the bookshelves.

On a desk, you find another mystery item:

Internal Memorandum
Ryall State Prison
From: Warden Glen Milton
To: Captain Bryan Handlay
Subject: Prisoner Patrick Napier
Concerning the recent unsolved murder of the subject named prisoner in our facilities, a full and complete review of all isolation and segregation procedures will be undertaken by you and your staff, with findings turned into my office no longer than close of business, 21st November. Included in your report will be full investigation results regarding Napier's murder, including those responsible for overseeing the victim's activities during the time of the incident.
Specifically, how another prisoner was allowed access to the segregation area. Please note, your guard staff is not exempted from suspicion and should be treated thusly.
This investigation should be considered your highest priority. I am determined that we will restore Ryall's reputation as a top-notch prison facility. Consider this your first and last warning.
WG Milton
Warden Glen Milton

There is a doll nearby sitting in a weird position.  Murphy will comment that somebody has specific taste in entertainment. Try attacking that doll.

There is a big ladder leaning on the shelves near the doll. Push the ladder to the edge. Then climb it to reach the upper level of the library. There is a book on Entomology on one of the shelves. Go through the door. You will reach a room that has a locked safe with three knobs, I, II and III, each dial has 10 digit roman numerals from I to X.

Library Roman Numeral Safe Puzzle Solution
Room 207 has a projector with the combination. But you need some slides to use in the projector. We give you the solution below, although if you want to go and solve this on your own, you will find the slides in the Mayor's Office in the next chapter of the walkthrough. If you already have the slides, use them on the projector now.

Roman Numeral Vault Code:
When you insert the slides into the projector, you see a series of three clock images. These images represent the code to open the library vault door:
Easy Puzzle: The clock slides show the combination and the order
Normal Puzzle: The clock slides show the three roman numeral number code, as well as the position of the first number. You have to guess the order of the other two.
Hard Puzzle: The clocks show one of the code's digits (minute dial) and position (hour dial)

This is how the slides look like on Normal:

Silent Hill Downpour Roman Numerals PuzzleSilent Hill Downpour Roman Numerals vault PuzzleSilent Hill Downpour Roman Numerals safe Puzzle

The code is "961"

Set Dial I to "IX", Dial II to "VI" and dial III to "I". It should look like this and the library safe opens:

Downpour Roman Numeral Code for vault

After the library vault opens, you go in. There is a body hanging from the ceiling in the first room. Take an ID card from it. In the next room, a cutscene triggers. The room transforms into Corrections Officer George Sewell's office.

Sewell: So what's it gonna be, Murphy? You and me gonna play ball. Or was all your hard work for nothing? I mean, the way I see it, it's a sort of win-win situation, right? Guys like Napier, they've got no business breathing the same air as you and me, right? Now, the courts and the bleeding hearts out there insist we sequester guys like him away from the general population, for their safety. Can you believe that shit? For THEIR safety. Well lemme ask you this: What about Charlie's safety, huh? So this is how it's gonna work. I'll give you access to Napier. Make sure you get some quality time with that worthless sack of shit. I'll see to it no one finds him til I've had a chance to scrub the place down. Keep you in the clear. But in exchange, you're gonna owe me a favor. Think you can do that for me, sport?  Heh. 'course you can. I know you're a man of your word, Murphy. You be a straight shooter with me, and I'll be a straight shooter with you. (Gun click). Remember cupcake, you owe me one.

From the shelves near the two file cabinets, get the mystery object, an Annual Employee Review. This review alleges that Corrections Officer George Sewell, who has 20 years of service, has been maintaining suspicious contact and relationships with some of the prisoners, and has been abusing his power.