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Pokemon Training 130: In Which we Generally Categorize Pokemon OR Pokemon Varieties
By Nick M. Facer
Published on 03/27/2012
Pokemon Training 130 is about the fact that the types and numbers discussed so far aren't all that makes a pokemon- and how it is that you can categorize them in a way that the game itself simply doesn't.

The Spice of Life
There are many things that define a pokemon- its types, its Individual Values and nature, and the Effort Points gained by training it.  All of these are important to consider and can change how a pokemon functions- but above all of these are the varieties.  Partly determined by the base stats attached to each species and partly determined by the modifications to its stats- and sometimes dictated partly by a pokemon’s Ability or available moves- pokemon come in a number of varieties.  And knowing which variety of pokemon you are looking at is key to both knowing how to use it and how you’re most likely going to manage to counter it.

Now, keep in mind that when I’m talking about a variety of pokemon, I’m not talking about something concrete and flatly laid out within the rules of the game.  The varieties of pokemon have been discovered and to a point sorted out by the people playing the game, based on what a pokemon is actually good at- and this simply cannot be determined by raw numbers alone.  Don’t get me wrong, the numbers have a huge effect on a pokemon’s variety, but how people perceive and prepare to use a pokemon can have just as big of an effect- or an even bigger effect- on what a pokemon is best for.  Your team does not exist in a vacuum- if you’re playing against another human being, you’re going to have to deal with their concepts of what a pokemon is or is not, and be ready for what they try to do about what they think you’re going to do.

Because of this, none of the pokemon varieties is a fully concrete thing- a slight shift in available moveset, the sort that often happens between one generation of cartridges and the next, can change a pokemon’s variety drastically- or even give it the option of a new variety it couldn’t act as before.  Sometimes just raw access to a new pokemon ability will make huge changes- so be prepared to have your preconceptions broken at any moment.  After all, everyone knows that Starmie is a sweeper- but I have used it as a wall, and seen others use it as a trickster.

What are these terms?  What do they mean?  Well, that’s what the 130 series of Pokemon Training courses is about.  Don’t give up, though- this will be the last series that you need to get the information that prepares you to make your team.  Once the 130 series ends, it’s on to the 200 series- which is all about making teams.

Speaking of which, thank you for hanging with me this far.

At any rate, the varieties of pokemon out there are effectively endless, but there are a few major ones you want to be aware of.  They will both help you determine what an opponent is doing and help you choose what you want on your team- and what you want it to try to do.