As the Devil's Mine Train Ride begins, you hear an announcement welcoming you aboard the Devil's Pit historic mine train. The female voice mentions stops at Hillside Station and the Superstition Caverns and asks you to keep your hands and arms inside the train at all times and remain seated until the train comes to a full and complete stop. Failing to comply with safety regulations can result in severe injury or death.

She wishes you to enjoy the ride. She explains that before it became the charming resort town that we know and love today, Silent Hill was once a center of trade and commerce, thanks to its rich seams of coal and iron ore. At this point the female voice begins to sound distorted, hinting at a malfunction. She continues to say that you are riding on a fully restored train, originally owned by the Gillespie Coal & Iron Company, which first began extracting ore from the Devil's Pit in 1860.

The computerized voice begins to sound more and more distorted, a grave warning sign that something is terribly wrong. It goes on to say that this subterranean railroad was built in order to haul men and equipment, as far as 1200 meters below the surface, making it the deepest coal mine of its day.

Downpour Devils Mine Train Ride Scary

At this point, your surroundings start to flicker, then go dark. Some light comes up again. The train goes uphill, then down in a series of red caves. A monster, Weeping Bat, suddenly jumps onto your train card and grabs you from behind. Immediately follow the on screen prompt to break free. If you are too slow, the monster kills you and the game will reload to just prior to you boarding the train.

After you shake the monster off, the ride will continue. There will be some more flashes, and monsters will try to attack you but the train goes too fast so they miss you. You finally come upon some giant face that asks you if you are enjoying the ride. The train starts rolling back, before crashing.

You regain consciousness in some room. The female officer from the bus, Anne Cunningham, calls you by name and points a gun on you. You are surprised to see her, since you had earlier watched her fall down from a cliff. She orders you to put your hands up against the wall. You tell her that she does not have to do this, that you two should help each other, but she won't listen.