After leaving the hellish Otherworld, Murphy finds himself back in the diner kitchen. Exit the kitchen through the door to the left of the ovens, to find yourself in the motel behind the diner, then go into another door and find yourself in a small room. There's a chair there that can be used as a weapon, and some sort of hammer on the couch. There is another first aid kit in the corridor. Go to the end of the hallway and enter another room. There is a bedroom and a kitchen here. In the kitchen, in a small table in the center, pick up the key.'

Exit that room through a second door and find some stairs going down. Grab another first aid kit from on top of  the barrel. You will pass through some sort of gym. There are weights here and a fire extinguisher that could be used as weapons. You now see what looks like a way out, some sort of platform. But when you try to activate the switch, you learn that the panel is busted.

Go back up to the stairs and into the motel room, then climb up another set of stairs. The door above will be locked, use your key to unlock it. Enter a bedroom. Near the bed, open dresser drawer and pick up the power cord. It seems to be for a kitchen appliance.

You hear a voice saying "Remember, if you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything".

Exit back to the corridor.  Open another door. There is a dead dog on the bed inside. There is a safe on one of the walls. This is the SAFE PUZZLE.

There are five knobs, each with 8 possible numbers. You do not know the combination right now, so keep exploring. There is yet another door in the end of the corridor. Enter a bedroom with a bed covered with blood. There is a first aid kit in the drawer. Notice the coffee maker on top of the air conditioner. Use the power cord on it. As the steam starts emerging from the coffeemaker, it defrosts the window showing the combination to the safe, which is 26381. Return to the safe, and put the numbers from the window on the different knobs. Note that each knob has a number on top of it, from 1 to 5. In the end combination on the knobs in the same order as they appeared on the window. But it's a bit tricky to get the safe code in.

Knob 1: Turn this to "2"
Knob 2: Note that turning this affects Knobs 3&4. Turn this to "7"
Knob 3: Turn this to "4"
Knob 4: Turn this to "7"
Knob 5: Turn this to "1"

At this stage, here is how the safe dials are supposed to look like:

Silent Hill Downpour Safe Puzzle

Knob 2: Turn this one turn to the right, to show "6". This will change dial 3 to "3" and 4 to "8"

Note: This solution is for the NORMAL puzzle difficulty. If you are playing on HARD, then the solution is similar, but you will see that the last knob also turns some other knobs, so follow the same principle as you crack the safe. On easy difficulty, just put in the code directly.

 This should work in cracking the safe. The safe opens, and you find a firearm (pistol) inside.