You tell the mailman that you don't want any trouble and ask him to just point the way out of town and you will keep right on going. The mailman, Howard Blackwood, tells you he does not mean trouble and is just trying to be helpful. He asks you if you are heading to the prison, you tell him you just want a way out of the town.

Howard tells you that all the roads are out, every last one of them. You think you notice something in the window behind you. Howard tells you that if you are really desperate you could try the old sky tram. It hasn't really been kept up since the accident though. You tell him you will take your chances. Howard leaves to continue delivering the mail, wishing you good luck.

Your objective now is to change into new clothes. Explore the area near the truck, go through a  hole in the gate. Find a white door with a lock. Pick up a stone from the ground near it, and use it to break the lock. Enter the diner. On a table inside there is a small book with some information about the early residents of Devil's Pit. There is a cash register which you can open and get some money. You notice also a jukebox, and a table with food. Next to the table with food, there is another table that has a map on it. Pick up the map of Devil's Pitstop, it shows the location of the kitchen, diner, and office. The map  also shows some more rooms in the 2nd floor, and some shacks.

Go through the door next to the jukebox. Open another door and find a restroom. Next to the restroom you can find a First Aid Kit. When injured, use first aid kits from the inventory or press the quick heal button.

Go back to the dining room, and enter the kitchen. Pick up the frying pan to use as a weapon. You notice a gas leak, and you try to turn the valve to shut down the flow of gas. But fire erupts.

Locate the red fire alarm box, smash the glass and press the button to activate the fire alarm and the water sprinklers. As the fire is put out, the room begins to transform. Turn a valve near a big pipe, and the breaker box pops out. Exit and climb some long stairs. Open the door and go through the corridor.

Hell Void Silent Hill Downpour

Keep exploring the hell environment, Rotate a painting in a room nearby to lower some cage from the ceiling and open another door. Go through the door. Suddenly you see some sort of void that sucks everything in. You run through the hallway. You can knock over obstacles in your way to slow down any monsters that are pursuing you. Keep running away from the red energy. Jump down onto a chute, navigate carefully to avoid obstacles such as spikes, or crashing onto a bus, which will kill you instantly.

You reach a weird room with a rocking chair and a phonograph. An old song is playing from the Gramophone:

"Born free, as free as the wind blows
As free as the grass grows
Born free to follow your heart..."

The song is "Born Free" by Andy Williams.

Go up some stairs near it. Rotate the wheel and a room lifts. Enter that room. Rotate a painting to lower some walls. Go across and enter another room, rotate the painting to make the barrier disappear. Go past a bedroom and climb some more stairs. The void will start sucking again, so run. Rotate a valve there, and continue running away from the void. Run up some stairs, but they seem to be infinite and you can never reach the top. Go back down, and through a door and you will find yourself back at the normal diner.