Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Factions Walkthrough Part 24 – Scholia Arcana: A Crowded Mind, Revelations

A Crowded Mind
Head to the west, through the intervening room and down the stairs to reach the Archsage's Quarters in the Rathir Chapterhouse of the Scholia Arcana. Once inside, just head straight forward to find the Archsage Caledus. You will find his body in a gylph circle on the floor. There is a blank spot just above the head. When you want to start the next part of this quest, place your hand there.

You will find Caledus waiting just on the other side of this realm you have entered. He explains that this Sorceress, The Dark Empyrean, has actively been seeking out Mages to destroy them. He will give you a book explaining more of the history of the Scholia Arcana. The book explains that the Scholia Arcana guards the Glyph Prison of the The Dark Empyrean.

Head through the barrier to the east. Just to the right, none too far down, is a Hard warded chest. Inside is a Mantle Key and the scroll “The Possession Begins”. Beyond that, you will find a T-interesection. There you will find a pair of Ancient Leanashe. You will also find a chest: “The Mantle Passes” with a scroll of the same name and a “Patronage” key. If you have the Mantle key, it will unlock this chest.

Head to the north from here first. You will encounter an Ettin Shaman and Brute where the path goes to the east. In the same area you will find the chest, “An Odd Patronage”. Inside is a scroll of the same name and the “Left Key”. Now head to the east and to an encounter with one aspect of the Archsage Caledus, Indifference, controlled by Ciara Sydanus. The follow battle has you against 3 Niskaru Bloodhunters. Defeat them then you must face the powers of an aspect of the Archsage,  Indifference. Just get in close and stun him to knock him out of his spell casting. Be sure to loot the body of Indifference after the fight.

After the battle, be sure to look in the eastern corner of the area to find the chest, “The World I Left Behind”. Inside is the “Talent Key” and a scroll of the same name as the chest. Now head down to the south from this northern area. When you get into the caverns, you will be attacked by 4 Faer Gorta. Take a moment and explore the area they are in to find numerous corpses to loot and the “The Human's Talent”. Inside is the “Flame Key” and a scroll, “The Human Talent”. Continue on to find twin aspects of Sacrifice within the Archsage's Mind. Talk with “Sacrifice” and you will find yourself going against the two aspects of Sacrifice and Ambition. That makes for three powerful mages coming at you.

After the battle, be sure to open the chest in this area as well, “The Wild Flame”. Inside is a scroll of the same name. Now return to the T-INtersection to find the Archsage. He will give you a choice of Discipline or Fearlessness, these are the Twists of Fate:

+5 Elemental Resistance
+1 Sorcery Abilities

+5% Elemental Damage
+1 Sorcery Abilities

Choose well and then you will leave the Dreamworld and on the other side, talk with Archsage Caledus again. Head back to the Main Hall and out into the courtyard, he will give you the Savant's Ring. It is apparently time to face down Ciara Sydanus once and for all.


Caledus will ask you to go to each of the Founder's Statues and use a key to begin unlocking the spell that binds Sydanus to Rathir itself. Place the Storm Stone on  the statue to the west, the Frost Stone to the east and the Sun Stone in the central statue. Sydanus will break through and swap in Caledus while freeing herself.

Ciara Sydanus
She is a powerful Mage so be ready and fully healed. She will place numerous red glyphs on the ground. Do not step on these as they will explode in a burst of fire. Otherwise, expect about the usual variety of spells coming from her. She will eventually start possessing students and sending them against you in sets of three. After that, she will summon Faer Gorta Sentinels, also in trios. When she is weak, she will summon both.

At the end of the fight, Methneen will approach you and give you everything the Archsage passed onto him. Loot her body to get the final piece of her armor set. This will also complete the Scholia Arcana Storyline! Be sure to visit the Archsage's Quarters within the Scholia Arcana to claim some very good loot!