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Morphology Analysis
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 11/21/2009
A short example of morphological analysis, breaking down new words in the English language, examining their roots and what means were used to originate them.

Word:            Date            Source
1. Hadoken        9/23/08        Tabletop session
2. Boyastrophies    9/29/08        Webcomic: Questionablecontent.net
3. Boylamities        9/29/08        Webcomic: Questionablecontent.net
4. Boypocalypses    9/29/08        Webcomic: Questionablecontent.net
5. Archxor        9/23/08        Tabletop session
6. Ka-evil        8/15/08        Webcomic: Giest-panik
7. P.M.C.        7/23/08    Game: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
8. D.M.C. #        unknown        Work/friends
9. SatAM        unknown        Internet
10.  Meg-        9/15/08        Book: Feed
11. SW:TFU        9/23/08        Work
12. P3            5/26/07        Work
Hadoken – From Japanese – Originally from the game “Street Fighter”, as a move used by the character Ryu. Now used to as a meta-game term to mean any extremely powerful blast/beam style move. Remains as a noun. “Hadoken time!”

Archxor – From L33T – Archer (xor), refers to the class, style of fighting, using the bow and arrow. Noun. “Look out for the Achxorz!”

Boyastrophies: Blend of “Boy” + “Catastrophy”. Used to indicted a scale of a girl’s negative experience with the date.

Boylamities: Blend of “Boy” + “Calamity”.  The middle rank of the scale. Simply gives the impression of a very rough date.

Boypocalypses: Blend of “Boy” + “Apocalypse” the highest rank of the scale. Gives the impression of the worst date possible.

Ka-Evil: Bound morpheme “Ka-” + free morpheme “Evil”. This term is used to describe a course of action, a mixture of a sound-effect and adjective, in a single term. Comic is un-number, about the 8th comic.

P.M.C. – Private Military Corporation. Set as the antagonist role early, also work as an aid in later parts.

D.M.C. # - Devil May Cry #. A video game set in present time with fantasy elements. Numbers range 1 – 4.

SW:TFU – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

P3 – Playstation 3.

SatAM: Sat(urday) AM (Morning). Using within a community to refer to the time a specific cartoon show aired.

Meg: Mega – Very: Feed. Used as slang inside the book for very, to denote degree.

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