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Pokemon Training 121- Effort Values- Gearing Down
By Nick M. Facer
Published on 03/20/2012
Sometimes you slip up- sometimes you did something wrong.  But don't cry yet!  There's a way to rescue your EV investment.

Berry, berry useful.
There are, of course, other concerns.  What if you have too many EVs in a stat?  What if you want to change what a pokemon is trained for, now that you’ve had time to try a certain set of stats and moves?

That’s where berries come in.  There is a set of berries- Pomeg (HP), Kelpsy (Att), Qualot (Def), Hondew (Sp.Att), Grepa (Sp.Def), and Tamato (Speed)- that will reduce the EV points in a stat when fed to a pokemon.  Their function is a bit like inverted vitamins, though , which makes them complicated.  They will have one of two effects on a pokemon’s EV points in the stat they apply to, depending on how many EV points the pokemon has.  If the pokemon has more than 100 EV points in the given stat, the berry will reduce the number of EV points to 100.  If, however, the pokemon has 100 or less EV points in that stat, the berry will act like an anti-vitamin, reducing the EV points in that stat by 10.

These berries are important for other reasons too, though- they increase the Happiness rating of the pokemon they are fed to as well.  This makes them the best way in the entire game to boost a pokemon’s Happiness rating so that it will evolve, as they are the only method which is infinitely repeatable and will not affect a pokemon’s level.  In fact, because you can feed the berries to a pokemon that does not have any EVs yet in the stat that the berry affects, they can be used to boost a pokemon’s happiness as far as you want with absolutely no actual drawback to doing so.

Strangely, these berries do not get used terribly often- perhaps because most of the people involved in EV training their pokemon know how to manage it without having to subtract ten (or more) from the relevant EV point pools every so often- but they are incredibly useful for fixing mistakes made in training a pokemon.

Or for using on the team you progressed through the story with, who likely have their EV points scattered all over the place and showing up in strange places (Defense EV Points on a Bastiodon, for instance).  Alternatively, if you have been EV training a team and then go without using your cartridge for a while, they can be very important for resetting EV point values so that you can start training over again (should you forget where you were or lose whatever paper you were keeping records with).